What Size Air Compressor Do I Need for Air Tools

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need for Air Tools

What size compressor you need for your air tools depends on your usable field. It is a common thing among people that bigger is always better but not the size you have to consider the field of your compressor’s work. It is not true that having the biggest size 1 gallon air compressor will fulfill your need to do your job on the other hand sometimes maybe the smallest one can have a good airflow which can simply fulfill your need. Certain air tools may require continuous air flow where stopping several times can simply hamper your work.

On the other hand, some tools might not require continuous air flow. Here it can be said that based on the air flow required you have to choose a big tank compressor or a medium-size compressor you need. Big tanks help to keep air with pressure for the use. Tank size also determines the size of an air compressor. So before choosing the air compressor for your air tool, you need to consider the PSI rate and CFM rate.

Things to do to consider your air needs

To consider the size of your compressor you need to determine how much airflow is required for your work, in short, it can be narrow down like you can calculate your need of air in CFM rate CFM rates means cubic feet per minute. The main purpose of the air compressor is for powering your machines ranging from 32 to 140 cubic feet per minute.

You can take help from air tool cfm chartTo Know how much cfm you need first you need to find out the requirements of the purpose and usage of the machine and the requirement for the powering the air tool.

As you already know how much CFM do you need, it is going to be easy for you to find out which air compressor you need to make your machine work and then you should try to find an air compressor which will fulfill your need not much or not less.

The right air compressor Once you have decided the speed of your air compressor then it gives you more flexibility to choose the right compressor depending on some specific criteria sometimes you can consider facts like Portable versus stationed air compressor Depending on the power source.

1. Portable versus stationed air compressor

Portable air compressor means you are going to use that particular air compressor in different environment and you can move this from place to place, on the other hand, this stationed air compressors can’t be moved they are pretty much fixed in a certain place or in a workstation where the air compressor can give its service. 

Portable air compressors are small in sizes but the fixed are bigger as they are made for fixed use and have used in different air tools at a time.

2. Depending on the power source

While buying an air compressor you can consider what power source that compressor will use while working properly. Some people find out a compressor that uses oil is more convenient than using other power sources. It entirely depends on you and you need.

Using battery or electricity are being appreciated among the buyers of air compressor as the power flow can be controlled.

Using fuel or oil is also an important source to power up an air compressor. In the past, all the engines were dependent on oil or steam but now electricity has made the power source easier.

What size air compressor you will need to paint

Air compressor having a large tank can give you the opportunity for professional painting as if you work as a professional painter for houses inside or outside on the other hand having a smaller tank or moderate-sized tank will help you to work for your own home.

If you are working for yourself like occasionally painting your walls, fences, field, car then you should choose rather a smaller tank compressor as you will work occasionally not regularly. Here you also need less (cubic feet per minute) CFM air tools.

If it is your profession then you should choose a bigger one so that you don’t have to fill your tank every other minute.

Air Compressor for an Air Hammer

To run an air hammer you might need an air compressor around 4 cubic feet per minute rate to make your air compressor work in the best possible way.

Air compressor for an air impact wrench

Air impact wrench quite a heavy tool for air compressors. An air impact wrench miracle MI main requires a 4 CFM output air compressor but if your air impact wrench is bigger and powerful so you might need to choose an 8 CFM rate or bigger compressor.

Air Compressor for filling the air in tires

Air Compressor Tire Inflation Comparison

  • Air compressor helps you to fill the air in the tire valves of different types of vehicles like bus-truck or personal cars.
  • To fill-up the tire’s valve you may require an air compressor having 4 CFM rates.
  • You will be able to fill out the air in tires easily in a variety of tires. 

Q: What size of an air compressor is perfect for air tools?

A: It depends on your needs. If your work requires more output than that of a small compressor.

Q: How to choose the best air compressor?

A: You can take help from online. Firs measure your workload then have some online research.

Q: How to buy an air compressor?

A: The online-based seller is available across the internet and they can help you in the best possible way. They even give home delivery.

After all these discussions it can be said if your work required less power it will require a smaller compressor to run your tool. But if you are using several tools at a time and work as a professional then you have to calculate the overall need of cfm (cubic feet per minute) and here you question that,” What Size Air Compressor Do I Need for Air Tools?” Will be answered.

From here you will be able to decide your air compressor’s size. It is always important to have some research before deciding.

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