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What is the best grease gun

Grease guns are the main companion of a person for maintaining or repairing any machine which needs lubricating. What is the best grease gun? The answer is it’s a tool that helps you to lubricate the exact part of a machine where you can not put grease manually or without any grease gun.

This tool will put grease in the exact place without making any mess. If moving parts are not lubricated they might catch up and stop working as they supposed to work. Grease guns are made to make your work easy and effective and come with different types of features and you might choose according to your need.

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Grease guns are the main tools which play a vital role when it comes to lubricating your machine. Whether you are a homeowner or repair shop owner who has to repair different kind of machine, you will need a grease gun to lubricate.

It’s very hard to choose the right one as there are lots of grease guns in the market. Here are some good ones you may consider before buying one for yourself.

DEWALT Cordless Grease Gun – 20V MAX (DCGG571M1)

DEWALT Cordless Grease Gun

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All the moving parts of machinery need greasing to work properly. If you own tractor, excavator, lawnmower even in your trailer truck too. This grease gun comes with a powerful motor which helps you to penetrate where you want to apply.

This one is not like those grease gun which has to pump by hand. If you are thinking to buy a grease gun for professional use you can give it a try. The amazing thing about this grease gun is you just have to plug the coupler in the section where you want to apply grease and press the button.

A fully charged battery will allow you to apply 16 cartridges so you don’t have to worry for the charging. This can be an amazing tool for you.If you are a person who needs to apply grease every now and then this tool is for you.

You will get a shoulder strap with it. This will help you to carry the oil weapon. You won’t have to keep it in your hand, you can hang it with your shoulder and work more effectively.

Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Lincoln 1134

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This Lincoln 1134 grease gun can be a perfect solution from general use to professional. You can use it on automobiles, mechanical use, Lawnmowers and any kind of machine with moving sections. If you are using your machine without greasing someday it will be stuck and working with that machine will be hard. So to carry on your work you must grease your machines properly and have this in your personal possession. This grease gun will make your work easier and can save you from future damage in your machinery.

Pistol Grip Grease Gun GreaseTek Premium

Pistol Grip Grease Gun

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 Grease Tek pistol grip grease gun has a compact look. You can use it from general to the professional purpose. You will have a comfortable feeling handling this grease gun. Not much heavy. Greastek grease gun has a good flow of grease. You can consider this one before buying. Applying grease to machines will be easier than ever.

Astro Pneumatic Mini Grease Gun

Astro Pneumatic Grease Gun

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This one is one of the smallest grease guns you can find. You have to put the grease in the cylinder manually as the cylinder itself is the chamber for grease. This mini grease gun is easy to carry. You can keep it with you in your car and use it when you need to apply grease. This one doesn’t have any long hose. You can give this one a try.

How do you load a pistol grip on a grease gun?

 Loading a cartridge in a grease gun is not a hard task. It’s very easy but you have to do it with care. To put the grease cartridge in the oil weapon cylinder you have to open the cylinder rotating from the head. Then you will find the old cartridge. Pull down rod in the bottom and push inside a bit. Pull out the old cartridge you take the bottom rod all the way out and lock it there.

In the new one, you will find an open side and another looks like a can of tuna fish. You have to put the open side down and tuna fish can side up. Then pull the top and attach the head and you are done.

How does a grease gun coupler work?

Grease gun coupler helps you to apply grease in the machinery you want to lubricate. On grease fitting, you will find a nipple connector with a ball in front of it. When you apply grease in the machinery you have to connect the nipple connector with the grease gun coupler. Coupler opens up the valve and helps to apply the grease inside the machine.

The ball helps to keep all the dirt out from the valve and takes only the grease. Grease gun coupler connects the machine with the oil weapon and works as a connector.

LockNLube Grease Gun

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How does a grease gun work?

A grease gun helps you to apply grease in your machine. When you have a fully loaded grease gun  you can connect with the nipple connector of your machine and easily apply grease where you need. Some grease gun comes with coupler and a long hose that helps you work efficiently.

But when you are applying grease where you do not have a nipple connector you can simply add grease without the coupler. Some Dewalt Guns comes with a motor and some with the hand pump. Guns with the motor will let you work freely as you don’t have to pump by hand but the ones with a hand pump you have to press the handgrip.

Final Words

Grease guns should be chosen wisely. In the market, there are plenty of grease guns but you better chose the one you need. So before buying find what is the best grease gun. Sometimes our machines stay out in all weather conditions like snow, sun or rain and we got to grease them to prevent frictions which hampers our work.

Greasing is an easy task but to do so you need to find the right grease gun. It varies what type of guns you need depending on your machines. You might need a little research to find the best one for you.

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