Troy Bilt TB210 Review And Buying Tips | Updated Jan 2022

Troy Bilt TB210 Review And Buying Tips | Updated Dec 2020

Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on twitter Twitter Share on email Email || As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases || The Troy Bilt TB210 Review And Buying Tips Gas-powered mowers are made without the apparent lead limitations found in electric mowers, although they are more suitable for bigger lawns, owning a mower that is engine powered usually has a huge price attached to them. Review of Top Troy-Blit TB210 Mower is packed with all the specifications of a top-grade engine mower, and the price is totally way below the range of most gas engine mowers. Best appropriate to small and medium sized lawns (between ¼ to ½ acres of grassland) it gives an excellent cut; it is easy to start and operating the product is quite elementary.

Troy Bilt TB210 Mower with 159cc OHV Engine

Troy Bilt TB210 Check Latest Price On Amazon

Features of Troy Bilt TB210 Mower

The Troy Bilt TB210 model is a self-propelling mower, suitable for first time users and an upgrade to the TB200 model. This model includes a steel mulching deck of 21 inches, 1.9-bushel grass holder, a double-lever deck height handle and a triple position height adjust handle, Troy-Bilt 4 cycle engine and an EZ recoil start. The Troy Blit TB210 is built with a liturgy of amazing features to help make your mowing experience a pleasant one. Some of its notable features are:

3 in 1 Output

Whatever plans you have for your grass clippings; this Self-Propelled Wheel Drive lawnmower is suitable for keeping up to your demands. The lawnmower offers a 3 in 1 functionality, making sure that its user is able to bag or mulch your grass clippings with its additional side discharge function, meeting the needs of all its user.


The gas-power proficiency of the Troy Bilt TB210 lawnmower provides high class finish, and reliable performance, giving a durable 159CC OHV lawn mower engine with a complete automatic choke preinstalled in it.
Front Wheel Drive
The most stand-out feature is the front wheel drive, unlike several self-propulsion mowers that offer a rear wheel or all-wheel drive. This feature enables the mower to be easily turned by raising on to its back wheels where there isn’t motor resistance. Furthermore, this mower has durable wheels of 7 inches through the width of the front wheel and an additional firm and hard 11 inches wheel across the rear width.
Handle Starter
The starter can be found midway up the handle bar, making it a lot easier to use when compared to bending down to the motor to pull the cord in other unconventional mowers.
Adjustable Cutting Height
This feature gives you the ability to autonomously regulate the height of the four wheels, allowing you to cut tall and short grass without jamming up the mower. This feature comes in very useful when you are cutting a long grass, and adjust the front wheels higher, once that has been done, you can swiftly readjust the deck to be of even level for a beautiful and clean finish.
Deck Washer
Grass get stuck in mowers after being used, and regular cleaning is crucial in prolonging the lifespan of every mower, this means leaning it to its side to wash off the stuck dirt. The TB210 has a deck wash component that allows the user to instantly connect your regular garden hose to the mower and blast wash the swirling blades with water while it is securely standing on all four wheels.
  • Key Features
  • Powered by a 159cc OHV engine
  • This push lawn mower is perfect for mowing small to medium sized yards
  • Offers a very lightweight design with a 21-inch steel deck
  • Dual-lever height adjustment for user comfort and side mulch capability
  • Designed with 7×11-inch wheels that offer control while mowing
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Reliable and efficient Honda engine
  • Light weight
  • Easy to start: Thanks to its powerful engine, much effort isn’t required to turn on the mower because it is very easy to start.
  • 3-in-1 convertible design
  • Absence of choker or prime lever.

Things To Consider Before You Buy

Types Of Lawn Mower Blades

  • The shape of the blade is crafted to produce extra elevation within the deck of the mower, and a cleaner cut is gotten by maintaining the grass in an upright position.
  • The blade is also extended to the end of the frame to give a full cut.
  • Incorporates 1 cutting edge for 22″ Cut Poulan/Husqvarna/Craftsman
  • 5 point star focus opening

Rake Guard 

The rake is built to hold the grass blades upright before they go under the mower deck and meet the cutting blades. This helps to give a cleaner and much better cut because the position of the grass would be perpendicular to the cutter. The rake is located on the front of the mower deck.


Instead of collecting the grass in a bag or throwing it off the side of the mower, the mulcher allows the user to mulch the grass, thereby improving soil quality.

Symmetrical deck

The circular deck is perfectly balanced to ensure that the grass clippings circulates around the ground to give a more pleasant mulching performance and a cleaner mower discharge. The smooth body creates a strong vacuum and optimizes the deck cutting performance due to the absence of a hard edge.

How frequently do you change the oil?

According to the user’s instruction manual, it is recommended that the oil should be changed after every 25 hours of use. In most situations, the best time to change is once in a year, depending on your usage.

Does it have a producer’s warranty?

Yes, the model comes with a 2 years manufacturer warranty if the product is bought from an accredited reseller.

Does it have all the needed pieces for side discharge?

Yes, it does. All the pieces can be found in the box, with an instruction manual on how to fix them.

What type of engine does it have?

The Troy Bilt TB210 model is built with a Honda 159CC engine.

Final Verdict

The Troy Bilt TB210 is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized lawns, the 7” front and 11” back wheels provide optimal performance without any technical glitch.The mower will shape your yard in a perfect way that doesn’t require constant correctional mowing, and it can easily cut through the grass without choking down. The TB210 can be easily maintained and kept in great shape all through the year, and it has a 2-year warranty straight from the manufacturer, so if you face any issue within that time you can get full support at no extra cost. The company offers one of the best customer supports and technical aftercare so any problem encountered with the product would be swiftly resolved.
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