13 Reasons Why Welding is a Great Career Choice

13 Reasons Why Welding is a Great Career Choice

Welding, a profession that is feared among lots of people that, will they overcome all the boundaries and mark their success? Here we will focus on those specific 13 reasons why you should not fear and be confident that welding is a great career choice for you. People around the globe are concern choosing the right career and I agree that they should be. Building up a career from scratch is tough work. Here I will talk about this particular career choice that can bring you a fortune. My provided welding career information might give your life a correct course you have been looking for. We all know welding is kind of a tough job but with acquiring proper knowledge it becomes easier. Starting welding as a career is simple and you can have a look here How to start a welding business but before jumping on the train you better know where the train is heading. Here we will discuss both sides of welding career choice, the bad and the good ones. Like a coin, every career has 2 sides. You have to consider all the visible and invisible facts then decide what is in it for you. First, we better learn those good reasons that make welding a good career choice. Here we will provide you with 13 important facts to open up your eyes.

13 Reasons to Prove Why Welding is a Great Career Choice

1. Easy to begin with

Welding requires hard work there is no doubt about that but on the other hand, if you have proper training and gathered all the necessary knowledge you may start it very easily. Welding is not like any other business in the marketplace available right now. If you have better quality and provide good work than your competitors you may do better and earn a handsome amount of money doing your job. Very easily you can start your own business you don’t have to rent a shop, you can start it from your garage or the backyard which is sitting idle. As it is already told that is very easy to start, you can take help from the welder who is working right now or take institutional training like as welding school. You can contact with the welding business owner near you they may help you out in the best way possible. For a certain time, you can work under a professional welder for training purpose and that is how you get knowledge working on the field with the expert. Even more, you can take help from the online there are tons of websites, videos, web content that will help you to become a good welder.

2. Education won’t set your limit

Welding never required a graduate degree or any degree equivalent to it. You don’t need to have lots of knowledge about books. All that it takes is the knowledge about welding and how all the works are done and how to use all the machine and material involved in a welding business. So that means if you don’t have a higher degree nothing can stop you from becoming a great welder. You have to give your best to become a good welder by giving your best. Where apprenticeship can bring out the best creativity from you. You have to gather knowledge about your relevant field by working real life, not like knowledge from reading textbooks. When you work under a professional it allows you to learn and earn all it together because you will be working so you can get paid.From this we can say if you don’t have any higher degree welding job is still an option for you to become a skilled welder.

3. Salary is quite handsome

When it is about the salary of a welder it is known to pretty much everybody who has little knowledge about welding business that welding salary pretty much good. It is not like welding jobs will make thousands of dollars overnight rather if you work consistently and reach to a certain height and make a name for you vast open door of earning will be there for you. On average entry-level weather makes 35000 to 40000 USD in a year. But there is no limit how much you can earn as a welder. You may work under an organization side by side you can have your side projects, some of the welders are working full time and on their free time, they May work on various DIY welding side business projects which bring them a good amount of money so that means welding job’s salary for a skilled welder is not that much low. Welding Handsome Salary

4. Have great freedom

Welding is such a line of work where you get a lot of freedom. But it may depend, if you are working under a large organization then you may face a working hour and get paid hourly or as your contract but on the other hand, if you are the owner of the welding business then you are the all in all here. You can decide when you have a break and when to work. Even more, you can complete the task before the deadline without taking any break. This is why in my point of view I think the welding business career can provide you with enough freedom. So many people don’t like to work 9 to 5 jobs. When you are professional welder you don’t have to focus on working hour rather than completion the job in your hand. Skilled welder always does their work perfectly and completed within the shortest time possible after completion you can take a break before taking on another job. It is your wish if you want to work late or early in the morning.

5. Less competition:

Welding career path might not be the same for all. Few may see it complicated and some may straight. With no doubt, a welding career can be built with hard work. Some people may step back before trying a welding career. Welding opportunities as a career is vast. In the welding industries, you will find different categorized jobs and from there you can choose your suitable one. Idle people scared of hard work so in this welding career you will find less competitor and if you are capable of providing good service, gradually you will shine.

6. Can work under big corporation:

Every single day housing industry is expanding in every construction areas the value of a welder is inexpressible. Without welding can you imagine how to do all the constructional work? You can work under construction firms who hire people at their projects and this type of contractual job gives you a handsome amount of money. With having a premature experience you can start working on the types of organization the advantage of working under a big corporation is that you don’t have to look for work rather they will notify you when there is a welding job is Available. This welding career can be a good option for you if you consider so. While working you can learn so much so many things as usual work on the field. Another great catch about this welding career path is you can work with them as a freelance welder.

7. Can start your own business

Starting a welding business of your own is a lot easier; you can start it in your garage or may rent a little shop after getting proper training. You may require to do some paperwork depending on your geographical location and laws. After then you are ready to go to kick start your own business. At the very beginning, you can take projects like fixing peoples broken metal things like chair table or metal furniture used in the household. You can also start making custom design furniture and people love that to decorate their house with unique things. There are vast opportunities for a welder you can make Do it yourself (DIY) side projects and nowadays people have a soft corner for custom design things. You can utilize this and gradually you can become a skilled welder. When you have made a name for yourself people will come to you. Make sure your neighbourhood knows what kind of service you can offer to them. You can let them know that any kind of metal fixing can be available by you.

8. Getting training is easy

Getting welding training is not that much hard you just have to be consistent in your desire that you want to be a professional welder and you want to build a career here. Taking vocational training from institutions or you can contact local welding firms and seek for job as a trainee there you can develop your skills, knowledge and get to know about the things of welding first hand. This career path may seem to you hard but when you are well-trained things will be different for you and you will start you see things differently.

9. Welders have great demand

In this new world, the demand for a welder is massive. As earlier mentioned, welding job never going out of the market because every metal work requires at least a little amount of welding. In our life, we cannot ignore the use of metal that means as long as we are using metal welding job will exist till then. You might be astonished hearing that there are places where there is a shortage of good ethical welder to do welding jobs. But it is not like that you don’t have proper knowledge know how to handle welding works and people will run to you offering work is not going to happen so develop your skill first.

 10. The opportunity of travelling

The great opportunity is when you become a good welder with lots of knowledge and experience you can work as a professional supervisor for organizations that means your job will be monitoring and giving advice where necessary or making their work map.  A good welder gets the chance to visit place to place. In this position, your salary gets higher and the job becomes easier as you don’t have to work on the field rather monitor others and make plans on how to make the job done. You may get the chance to travel the world and who doesn’t like travelling!

11. Can have DIY projects for independent earnings

As a welder, it doesn’t mean you have to work under any organization or any people yes at first you can start your career as working under someone or any firms. But gradually after having all required knowledge you can work alone, you can take experimental projects make new things show them to the people and if you work is worthy of appreciation you will certainly make fortune. There are so many welders who are making their livelihood by making DIY projects. If you don’t believe you can have all the resources on your palm to search on the web that how people changing their fate.

12. You will start enjoying

When you see it fro outside welding career may seem to you so hard and tiresome. But when you get to know it better by working and see all that vast opportunities you will start to love this career path. Welding can change your life upside down furthermore it’s a skill, if you have it there is no loss. You may have a desk job but welding skill can open another sideway for your career. Welding jobs salary is not a joke too. It pays off for your skill

13. Your skill will sharpen every day

Here in the welding sector, you will get to know things every day. If you look in the past you will surely distinguish between the past and the present that things are changing and technology is helping us to cope with the new world. Welding is also a versatile career choice. Here you get freedom, name, money and you will get mental peace. All this will take just your dedication. how to become a welder is not a commonly asked question anymore. People getting the ideas and taking the first-hand experience from the existing welders and consulting with them and if you are interested in a welding career you can do it too.

 Some Reason That Welding Can Be A Bad Choice

Welding is a good career choice but it has some downside too. In this section, we will discuss some of these points that may seem hard as a career option. Welding work involves lots of hard work and all your work will revolve around metal heat and high voltage electricity.

1. Work with hazardous elements

Welding is a good career choice but to accept this as your carrier path you should know that welding involves lots of hazardous material to work with. You will always have to carry live wire which will have a high voltage of electricity running through. When you will start welding it will produce high temperature and heavy light with dangerous UV rays. This temperature and light it can damage skin, eyesight. Even more from welding, it can produce little metal particles that are also harmful if it contacts with your bare skin or accidentally enters your eyes. Welding means you always have to work with different types of metal, joining them, cutting them and so on. When you cut a metal piece that can become sharp enough to harm yourself from it. If you take this as your profession you have to be careful and focus on your work. A single mistake can be the reason for a greater loss.

2. Physical hard work

If you become a welder you have to be mentally and physically fit because when you are working with metal now and then you have to lift heavyweight different types of machinery or metal that you are working with. It will not be comfortable as a desk job. You have to wear safety gears to avoid every kind of unusual incidents, they may or may not feel comfortable but you have to wear these. To save your eyes from UVR you can use the best welding helmets available in the market. It is known to all that hard jobs pays off more than a normal job. That means welding as a career will certainly not like doing any random job. It will be hard and if you can take it and manage it perfectly your success will surely come.

3. People become judgmental

Sometimes people may not value your profession you will see that from your family and friends there will be little you that you are not working as a desk holder rather working in infield doing welding. But my friend, they will never understand what you are doing and what kind of progress you are making in your life. It can be possible that you start to make more than them and they don’t even realise that the welding profession is bringing you a fortune. But if you listen to them you will surely fail but if you do your job without paying attention to their random opinion about your chosen career it will be easier for you to concentrate what you are doing. Sometimes nearby people try to influence our work with their judgmental words and give their opinion what to do or not. I will suggest you listen to your heart and do what it says.

4. Not a fancy job

Welding is certainly is not a fancy job where you go with suit and tie. You have to wear a work dress and there is a lot of safety gives involved. Sometimes it even gets dirty as you are working in the field of a construction site or your garage/ workshop. Even your dress and skin can turn black colour because of the dirt involved in this line of work. Sometimes you have to struggle to wash out that dirt. To keep direct contact with dirt you can use Welding Gloves, leather jackets these keep you protected from heavy heat and any kind of unwanted accident. Metal dust may become another problem for you. This can cause breathing issues. Taking proper precaution you can minimize this kind of problem. So you don’t have to be worry about that and be cautious when you work.

Final Verdict

Welding is one of the good choices as a career to build. This enhances your ability to have a prosperous career. Here you get freedom, high salary and don’t have to rely on people to hire you. I think these two (freedom, high salary ) is the main focus of a person’s career choice. We have discussed why I working can be a great career choice. Here we have discussed the good side and the bad side too. Safety is a great concern to everyone, we have several articles on safety equipment but you can have a look at a particular article, where we have talked about “Different Types of Welding Helmets” where you will learn about different types of helmets and how they ensure the safety of your head. But if you think you are ready to take welding as your career you should do it. It’s a unique job and here has less competition and that’s a plus point and you will never be out of work whether you are working under a firm or independently.

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