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Husqvarna LC221RH review | Guide and Reviews

A good walk-behind mower is an invaluable tool in the depository of any lawn owner the Husqvarna LC221RH is the perfect tool for lawn maintenance.It is packed with a powerful Honda GCV engine, 21-inch deck, and an unparalleled back wheel drive system that offers comfort while working.

This self-propelled, gas-powered lawnmower is built to give excellent-looking results when you are mowing your garden or yard. This article is a comprehensive review/customer guide to assist you get grasp of the top lawn Mower and its strengths, fragility and also design peculiarities so you can be confident in making your decision in purchasing the product.

Husqvarna LC221RH lawn


Features of Husqvarna LC221RH Self-Propelled Mower

Well, we’ve put the Features of Husqvarna LC221RH Self-Propelled Mower review together to help you find out!


The Husqvarna uses a Honda GCV 160 engine, these engines are famous for their comparatively low decibel level and are easy to start up. This 160cc power engine is as durable as mowers from Toro, Cub Cadet, Honda and other elite brands.


The 4-point adjustment system is available on the Mower. This means during the height of the mower can be adjusted to fit any terrain and when doing that the operator will have to manually adjust each wheel to their preferred height using a lever found on each side of the four wheels.

This is a useful feature because single point adjustments have proven to cause problems for most lawnmowers.


This top-class mower features an incomparable rear-wheel-drive system, dual speed controls allowing unrestricted control over the speed of the rear wheels. This feature also provides customization in cutting of the grass, based on conditions of the lawn. Husqvarna in Self-propelled driving test

The mower can be varied to its maximum velocity by slightly pulling on the handle, and this is quite similar to the manner at which a variable speed trigger functions on a power tool. This can be done electronically on cordless mowers, but it is a different experience on gas mowers which works with mechanical belt systems.

Top speed can be recalibrated using the adjustment cables provided in the control box; these cables give some control and prevent over speeding. This rear-wheel-drive design is powered by a heavy-duty gasoline engine fixed on the frame, thus allowing it to self-propel and reduce the stress off you without limiting its cutting efficienc

  • Real discharge, bag discharge.
  • Max speed 3MPH
  • Dust blocker bagger
  • Heavy duty
  • Secure storage: Thanks to its foldable handle, it can be easily placed in a corner without taking much space, and it is lightweight in case lifting is required.
  • Multifaceted wheels: The wheels are designed to adapt to different types of landforms.
  • 2-in-1 Mower:It is packed with bagger and mulching functionality to suit all needs.
  • Easy to handle design.
  • Premium quality blades for excellent cutting quality.
  • Dependable 160CC Honda Engine.
  • Axle bearings for comfortable and well-composed mobility.
  • Speed controls handle, choke and throttle take a while to understand.
  • Discharge functionality.
  • Unpainted steel under the deck is vulnerable to rusting



Self-propelled mower cutting grass

The Self-Propelled Mower has a water hose compartment for spraying out the underside of its cutting deck when mowing has been completed.

This can be simply done by attaching a garden hose to the water hose port on the mower, switch on the faucet while the blade is whirling and cleaning will be completed in some minutes, giving a clippings-free undercarriage.


The Husqvarna is quite noise-friendly with a reasonable sound of 89 decibels, and this is the quietest gas-powered mower in its category. This mower can be used at any time of the day without getting issues of noise complains.


A total weight of about 80 pounds (36.2 Kilogram), moving the mower around while the engine is switched off won’t a tedious activity, and it can be quickly lifted without much struggling.


The blades and other parts of this mower are easily replaceable, and the blades are appropriately covered from all sides, so you don’t need to be concerned about large objects getting beneath the frame to damage or blunt them, particularly stones and other obstacles that easily slip under ordinary mowers.


This mower has a very portable small fuel tank size of 1.065 liters (36oz) which can run for a total of 1hr 30 minutes (90 minutes). This is the best fuel-efficient machine compared to other gas mowers under the same runtime and fuel consumed.

The Husqvarna LC221RH works at a constant 2.5MPH and cuts over 27-inch-tall grass.

LC221RH Rear Wheel Drive Lawn Mower


Is the handle height adjustable?

Height of the handle can be adjusted to suit the comfort of its user height and operating position.

How do you adjust the handle height?

This model uses a 0.155-inch diameter trimmer line, cut a new trimmer line length to 18-3/4inches.

Do you offer replacement blades?

Replacement blades for the LC221RH are available in all leading online stores and approved outlets, and two variants are available. High lift OEM 3-in-1 blade (586859602 or 501082401). Mulch blade (586859601).

Is it a key start?

No, the Husqvarna LC221 model uses a Honda GCV engine that supports only pull-start, and it is effortless to start.



This walk-behind mower is the perfect match for homeowners and gardeners that are emphatic about the looks of the lawns. Regardless of your location and how complicated your grass can be,the Walk Behind mower is an excellent machine for cleaning up your lawns and gardens.

We hope our effort of Husqvarna LC221RH review will help you to know all about the tool in detail. Your mowing experience would be significantly less stressful thanks to the potent gas engine, and this would come in hand when you are tired of dealing with an uncomfortable weather because you won’t have to put much effort in pushing the mower. Thanks to its thoughtful design, you don’t have to worry about damaging your mower by running over its power cable.

Although it isn’t a commercial use, heavy-duty, super durable piece of machine, the Walk Behind equalizes comfort and power, cutting through the grass like a hot knife through butter and still being strong enough to withstand terrains and uni deal conditions without fuss.

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