How to Become a Certified Welder

How to Become a Certified Welder? Step by Step Guidelines

Welding can be a great career choice for those who are serious about this profession. Welding takes dedication, patience, steady hands and great concentration. Becoming a welder has to go through some process. If you want to be a certified welder then you have to attain all the process and pass successfully. In here we will talk about the process which pretty much mandatory to become a certified welder and how much they can make. It’s not like you have to become a certified welder but when you are certified you are going to earn more than an uncertified welder. This entire discussion will open up the opportunities that every person wants to know about “How to Become a Certified Welder Step by Step and the Earning Possibilities”

Duties of a welder

A certified to welder is a person who has acquired all the necessary knowledge about welding and can work with different type of metal to join them or even make new things. Welding is a complicated job it involves lots of hazardous elements and a welder has to know how to handle those and have their job done smoothly. In working there are several sectors where you can work or you can choose to work in every sector of welding. But some people may want to work on specific welding. As this gives them the flexibility to work on the other hand if you try to weld in every sector then you have to know about all the welding machinery and safety equipment. A welder doesn’t mean is a person who works under the sun rather if you are experienced enough you can work as a supervisor and earn a good amount of money.

Certification of a welder

Without proper certification getting every job will not be possible. Some employers have a good amount of jobs to offer but they want to make sure that they are putting their jobs in good hand. Certificates are asset those will glorify your capacity to handle welding jobs. Welding is not that easy. Here you will need great dedication. Your certificate will define the hands on experience you have got while training in a welding school or welding institutions. This will uplift the trust of the employer on the employee. To become a certified welder you can follow some easy steps that may lead you to your destiny of making something different. here we’ll discuss those steps

Step no 1: Prepare yourself

Choosing a career path is not that simple before jumping into it. you better gather some basic information about that particular carrier choice you have made. In the selection process, you need to observe all possibilities and risks involved in that particular job and this will help you to step forward.  In the welding industry, there are several sections of welding like the common ones are MIG welding, TIG welding and Stick welding. If you try to master all of these that may take a lot of time and dedication but on the other hand if you choose only one among these it will be easier for you to become expert enough to start working and earn a handful of money. It’s not like I am suggesting that you should stick to only one welding section rather start with 1 section and gradually gather experience about the other sections. In our website, we have an article about why welding is a great career choice you can go and check it out that may inspire you to take the next step.

Step No 2: Start to have training

In step number 2 you should choose a good institution which can give you proper training to become a well-certified welder. This institute will help you to understand those major things you better know to work on welding. For this reason, you bet it is a well-known institute, for this reason, you must have some research on which institute can help you get the first and experience on the field. You can take help from the existing welders, they can give you the proper insight of the institute near you.Proper experience is necessary to pass the test so you learn it properly. Here you have to learn about different things involving welding work.

Step No 3: Start professional training

While you are learning in an institute you can also try to manage welding company or a professional welder where you can work as an apprentice. As you start working there you will have real life experiences and also learn about things that you might not find important in the welding school. Real life experiences are very important they make you capable enough to handle the job. This real life experience will make you ready for the welding test you are going to take for your certification. While training you may find some work boring but on the other hand when you are working on the field you will know that this is important and you better keep it in your mind and this will really help you in the future.

Step No 4: Start working on small projects

After having training from welding institute and working as an apprentice that makes you 100% ready for taking the welding test rather you should take some time here and utilise it to make you more expert in welding. You can start to work one small project by doing this you will learn new things and this will also give you the opportunities to earn side by side. Let your neighbour know what you are offering to your neighbourhood. In every neighbourhood now and then people need to have some welding fix and you can offer your service at less cost than the average welder. You can also have some welding DIY side businesses which are profitable and build your expertise working on the field. Some people take these as their profession. To start working you might need some basic types of welding equipment and your garage can turn into your shop and working place that means you don’t have to rent a place to do your job. You can take contracts on small projects from employers who hire people without having any certification. You can make a team finding beginners like you.

Step No 5: Take the Necessary test

When you start to think that you are ready for taking the test and you have acquired all the knowledge which will be required to take the test and pass. There are so many tests but from there you have to choose the necessary one for you. All the test may not match to your chosen welding section. You have to choose the test regarding the welding section you have mustard. Welding test can be divided into the theoretical and practical exam. To give your welding test for your certification you better book date that means you will have a particular date to attend your test. Mark that on your calendar. Now you have a time frame to make yourself better. Keep pushing yourself and start to explore new things. To enrich your welding skills you have to to learn about welding equipment and work with them so that you can be aware of that particular equipment. As this kind of test is expensive you better make sure that you are ready for it otherwise all the hard work and dedication will go in vain. Once you get demotivated bringing the old you will be hard.

Step No 6: Afterwards passing welding test

After passing the welding test it will open up the opportunities that may turn your life towards a good future. Passing the test means you will be able to work with any kind of welding employer or in welding projects which match your welding skill. The welding industry is a huge opportunity with hands on experience and the certification you may get a good amount of welding contracts. In future when you will be expert enough you won’t be working on the field rather you can become a welding advisor for well known firms. If you have become a good welder you might get good travel opportunities too. Welding can open vast opportunities but you have to be dynamic enough to utilize these opportunities that you will get. Passing through the test is not the end of learning. You will learn from every job, every day.

Salary range of an average welder

Salary of a welder can depend on so many circumstances an average welder earns 20-25 $. if you have good certifications, have a licence and with a little good experience of working, you can earn more USD. Your salary may also depend on what kind of projects you are working on and if you are an individual owner of your own business then all the revenue is yours but if you are working under a firm then you have to take salary or contract based payment. Degrees from good institutions are always given priority. So the education related to welding you have taken if it’s from a well-known institution then it will help you to earn much. And from everyday learning, you will gather much knowledge and gradually start to earn more than yesterday. When you will become an expert and have a good flow of jobs then you may fix your service rate which will help the customers to know that how much you will charge them to have their job done. By doing this it will save your and your customer’s time as well.

Q & A:

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Welder?

It’s a massive question. But in a few sentences, we can say that to become a welder you need to be physically fit. As welding requires long working hour and pretty much every welding discipline requires the welder to work standing up. You need to have sharp eyesight with steady hands to have your job done. Clear thinking is also needed here.

What is a welders certification?

Welders certification is a document that shows the capability of a welder. This certification speaks about the work quality that the welder can provide for his or her client.

What Do I Need to Become a Welder?

Welders having proper certification gets more job offer than any other uncertified welders. Certification shows your ability to work. One single documents can speaker thousand words.

How to Become a Certified Welder?

To become certified you have to gather all necessary knowledge, to do so you can take course from welding institutes, welding schools or community college and then go for a welding test. Passing the test will bring you the certificate. we have talked about the process of becoming a certified welder in our entire article. Read through the document and you will find your answer.

How long does it take to become a certified welder?

Becoming a welder you have to go through some process. it will take time. It’s not acquired overnight but there is no fixed time to become a certified professional welder. But the average time that it takes is six to eight months. Some people may take a bit longer. It doesn’t matter how long you have taken to become one rather how much you have learned.


Welding career comes with great responsibilities here you have to be responsible for your work. Getting certification doesn’t mean it has open up everything for you you should keep it in your mind that if you are not serving well you will surely lose the contract you have to be responsible enough and take your job seriously. This is really important employers like to work with those who work and take proper responsibility for their job. To become a professional.

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