How A Lawn Mower Engine Works

How A Lawn Mower Engine Works | Best Tips

Lawn mowers are used to cut unnecessary sized grass on-field or maybe you can cut the grass of a  golf field. It can be seen that in a sports field or golf field the grasses are cut nicely having the same size and different design like a zebra. These complex job is done by lawn mowers. Nowadays there are various types of mowers. Before buying one of them you should know which mower is necessary for your use and how a lawn mower works . To select the best one you should know how does a lawn mower engine works and that can give you the knowledge about the best one for you. How A Lawn Mower Engine Works

How a lawn mower engine works

Just to start a best lawn mower engine you have to pull the starter rope of the engine as the rope is pulled the flying wheel starts to move and rotates that crankshaft.The rotating crankshaft is directly connected to a piston which starts to move as soon as the crankshaft starts to move. The crankshaft has powerful magnets in it. This helps to make the magnetic field which makes electricity from there the voltage is sent to the spark plug. In this process when the piston goes down in the cylinder there occurs a vacuumed space where fuel and air are mixed before even entering the cylinder and then enter into the cylinder.After the intake stroke, the piston goes back into the cylinder the spark plug fires back and it ignites the air and fuel mixture and makes a powerful stroke which helps the piston to go down in the cylinder. After that, the flying wheel gives enough force to the piston to revolve back and forth. Here the exhaust valve opens up and the combustion gas exits. This way an engine of a lawn mower works until the job is done and it is turned off.

Types of Lawn Mowers

Mowers Can Be Differentiated According To Rotation Process or The Energy Source That The Mower Use. Here are list of types of lawn mower engine.

By Rotation:

  1. Rotary mowers
  2. Reel mowers

By Energy Source

  1. Fuel like petrol
  2. Electricity
  3. By hand

How Does A Rotary Mower Work

Rotary lawn mowers developed when the engine started to become smaller in shape and also have enough power to rotate a blade at a sufficient speed to cut grass. According to the history the first cylinder or rotary lawn mower was made by an Australian company.  Blade of a rotary mower rotates in the vertical axis and there is a single blade spinning so fast to cut the grass. Generally, energy for the engine of cylinder mower vs rotary mower comes from gas or other energy sources. These types of mowers also have four wheels. The engine and the blade can be connected directly. When the engine starts it starts to spin the blade underneath. Rotary mowers are the ones in which the engine is used.

Reel Mowers Tips

Reel mowers are manual operated mower and they don’t even have an engine at all. They are operated manually by a person. As the person who is trying to cut the grass to keep a good shape, he or she has to push the mower over the grass and the cylinder or the reel blade will cut the grass. It is also possible to attach an engine with a reel mower to have some ease while using it.

Lawn mower engine

To have the best experience with your mowers you have to maintain the engine properly. We must not forget that the engine of a loan mower has made easier for us to cut the grass of our loving field. For having the best experience of using a lawn mower we have to make sure best lawn mower tune-up for our engine. Most of the walk behind lawn mower has a four-cycle engine which is quite similar to an automobile engine but smaller in size.

Lawn Mower Repair

Sometimes lawn mower needs some simple repair work otherwise it may hamper its work. Sometimes you can find everything ok but your lawn mower engine will not start it may be caused by different reasons such as Defective Lawn Mower Carburetor.

Defective Spark Plug

The carburetor should be checked regularly but sometime carburetor should be changed within some specific period of time if necessary. Lawnmower engines are designed to use fuel which should not contain more than 10% ethanol. If the ethanol percentage is higher it may cause problem in running or starting system of the engine and can also damage the whole fuel system of the lawnmower. For lawn mowers different type of blades are available in the market if you suspect that the blade is not sharp enough to cut the grass then you should change according to your need and your mower model number might be needed to select your parts of the mower.

Lawn Mower Engine Diagram

Lawnmower engine diagram can be very useful while making any troubleshooting for your mower. This can perfectly give you the idea of the whole mower where the parts of the engine are situated. And where you should assemble any necessary part as it has images of the parts. By seeing in the diagram it gives less hassle to find out the problem and sort them out easily. Lawn Mower Engine Works
  • Don’t have to push too hard as the engine gives leverage to ride lawn mower.
  • Can cut thicker grass very well
  • Same shaped cut for the whole yard.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Fast mowing system
  • Sound pollution which may disturb your neighbors.
  • Heavy in weight than a manual mower.


How to learn about lawn mower repair procedure?

You can take help from the nearby repair shop and also internet can serve your need as well.

What is the benefit of having a lawn mower?

Owning a lawn mower makes you able to use it according to your need to shape up and beautify your yard.

why it is important to have a lawn mower?

If you have a field or yard where grasses are growing rapidly an engine lawn mower will save your time and effort to beatify it.

What kind of Safety issue?

In a lawn mower engine there are so many part which can harm like the spark cable, The spinning blade etc safety should be ensured first. Without having proper knowledge none should try to repair it.

Final Words

To conclude we can say that an engine of a lawn mower can enhance your ability and also can save your time but before using it all you need to do is know how a lawn mower engine works and what kind of facility are available and then you will be able to decide what should you go for an engine lawn mower or a manual one with no engine. But engines are the beautiful creation by men to ease all the hard work. So it can easily be said that a lawnmower with an engine can give you the freedom of designing your premises.
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