Do it Yourself Welding Side Businesses

12 Awesome Do It Yourself Welding Side Businesses

Starting a welding business is stressful work. But with getting proper training and using proper gears you can become a professional welder. Welders can work in different ways they can work under a company or work independently or can open a business of his own with some employee and some other stuff. Here you will get some welding business ideas that may lead you to a good profession for you. 

If you are determined with welding career to stay with us and this whole discussion might open a small window for you and our 12 most awesome do it yourself welding side businesses ideas will help you to choose one for you.

Things to consider before trying these business ideas

Welding might look easy at first but before starting this business you have to consider some facts. Without proper knowledge, no one should start welding as their job. Welding involves high risk so unless you are ready you should not start it. Here we will see some basic facts that you have to take seriously before applying your DIY welding ideas.


Before starting you have to make a business plan for you. Welding can be a good profession but without proper planning, this might not work for you. Every successful businessman makes a plan and wok according to it and that is why they get all the success. 

You have to fix what and how you will execute your business plan and how you will expand it in this segment you better judge all the facts that the business plan you are making for you will that work or not.


Welding generally involves lots of risks so to do this job perfectly you have to take the training. You may take training from institutions or a professional welder. You have to learn properly how to handle. Welding involves high risk and hard work that is why people take this profession with care. 

Proper training will enhance your capacity and give you all the knowledge that you need to work. In this segment, you will learn how to handle the welding machine and do your job minimizing all the risk.


Welding is a job where you have a risk for your body. But to minimize those risks you have to buy some safety gear and these will be your one-time investment for your welding business. Here we will talk about some must-have equipment that you should buy to start your welding side business.

Head Protection:

Head is the main sensitive body part of a human body. You should always take great care of it. You can use a hard hat of metal or good quality material while welding for your head protection. Face shields are another great safety gear to keep safe your face and head. As a welder, you have to work with hard metal in case you bump into hard or sharp metal, it can cause a dangerous accident. So be aware and have proper protection.

Eyes protection

To protect your eyes you have to buy a good quality welding helmet and this will protect your eyes and facial skin to get a burn from welding. Safety goggles and glasses can be used as an extra layer of protection. While welding there occurs high heat so a best quality welding helmet will help you to protect your eyesight and prevent some metal particles from entering into your eyes

 Hand Protection:

To protect your hands you can use the best welding gloves available in the market. You can buy gloves that will prevent heat and keep your hands safe from any other hazardous material. While welding a welder has to work high voltage of electricity so to prevent electric shock you should buy a good pair of welding gloves.

Body Protection: 

To protect your body you can wear welding jackets. For this, you can wear leather jackets which will be flameproof. From the very beginning, welders are wearing leather jackets to keep their body safe from welding work.

Feet protection

To protect your feet you have to wear welding work boots which are specially designed for welders. You have to buy a pair of shoes that ensures safety and made with maintaining proper safety guideline. Work boots can be different types but you have to look for those which are made with leather and flameproof.

Along with this basic safety material you can consider welding aprons, welding hats, safety glasses. Basically above all safety issue is one of the main things for us. So to work efficiently we better consider these.

Welders Side Job

General legal Requirements

Depending on your location you might have to take a license to open a welding business. You need to have ideas about what to do or what not to do. Depending on your government policy there will be some rules and regulation knowing them and following correctly will ease your path to start your business.

You can look for the regulation on the government website or talk with those who are working in this same field you want to work, for this you have to find welding business near you. If you previously worked as an employee you might come to know about some of the procedure to start as a welder and start it as your own business. 

12 Most Awesome Do It Yourself Welding Side Businesses

1. Make household furniture

Starting a welding business as metal furniture making can be a good choice for you. People need different types of furniture for their home and some people may consider metal over wood. Metal has a longer lifespan comparing to wood. So you can develop your expertise in making metal furniture such as custom design table, chair, bed, shelf etc. 

People like to buy the different designing thing to look different than others. These types of work can make a fortune for you. Custom design thing made by you can be unique and nowhere to find but you. So people will get attracted to buy from you and with your tools, you will bring out the inner artist of yours and create some signature designed furniture. Slowly but gradually you will make your name and can earn vast.

2. Housing Industry

As the population is growing and the housing industry is growing as well. You can have an independent contract to work on these projects. Like making metal gates, window frame, fencing the yard. It’s not like you have to look for work in new projects keep your eyes open you may find work in your neighbourhood. Gates are the main obstacle for invaders and people like to make their home safe so if you can make strong metal gates with custom design and also window people will appreciate and as their neighbour, you will have priority to get work. This welding business plan can let you earn a good salary.

3. Home Decoration

home decoration

A home is a place where people return at the end of the day. So they want to make it special. For that reason, they spend money on decorating it with fancy designing things. You can make metal frames for light by welding. You can make shoe racks, coat racks, even more, you can design a fireplace to look good and ensure safety by your welding skill. Making these things doest cost much but they can be sold at a good price. 

This side business can be online based. You may have an online platform and make and show your work and people will contact you to have your service.  

4. Yard decoration

Yard decorating art is famous maybe you can make sculpture by attaching several metals, making sitting bench. It’s very simple, you can turn some scrap metal into a sculpture-like bird, dog, bee or making miniature horse, elephant and other animals. People spend time in their yard to have a good time. Their children play in that place. By DIY welding business, you can capture this sector. 

You won’t have to spend much rather you will start to make a fortune out of it and become a part of people’s pleasure.

5. Car Ramps

This DIY idea for a welder can be a blessing. In this world, cars are the most used in private transport. You can get a contract of making car ramps from people next to you. People who are your present customer even you can get deals from a garage, automobile repair shops, car showroom.

 To start this business you need you to have some knowledge. If I say that you can start it overnight that would be a lie. Different types of car have different types of requirements. So to become professional car ramps welder you better have gathered knowledge first.

6. Making Trailers

A nowadays making custom cargo trailer is a good side business. You can buy them and make custom design for house and cargo vans. Buying a readymade cargo trailer is expensive but when someone can provide a custom-designed one people will love to get it from you. But you cannot compromise with the quality. If you are providing good thing people will find interest when you are the welder you can do the majority of the work by yourself or you can hire some people to help you out on your work. 

It doesn’t mean you always have to build a new trailer, you might even repair peoples trailer and give it a new look. As most of the trailer is made fully of metal so it may require repair in different parts of it. You can buy a new or old trailer and give it a new look. This thing is also very profitable. 

7. Underwater welding

Underwater, welding is a high-risk welding side business. To do this kind of job you will require good training. When you are an underwater welder you have to work with so many hazardous materials so if you have lack of training this might be risky for you. You can work on shipbuilding or repairing ships.

Most of the new welder doesn’t select underwater welding as their profession that means in this area you will have less competition. You can work independently and the company will hire you to have your service.

8. Overflow Jobs

Big companies have projects of different types and sometimes they even get a large number of jobs and they look for freelancer welders to act on behalf of them. You can take this opportunity and work in your free time. The advantage is that you are not an employee of the company and you can choose where and when to work. This gives you ultimate freedom of work and as a freelancer welder, you get paid much than a permanent employee as your salary will be fixed based on the job you will be assigned.

Another thing companies don’t like to hire employee now and then as their workflow is not the same all the time. So they try to assign freelancers if they have overflow welding jobs. This opportunity can be avail simply you have to make connections with big companies. And they will find you when they get jobs that their manpower can’t handle and complete in time.

9. Repair Shop

You can open up a small maintenance or repair shop in your won garage. You don’t have to pay extra money for running a shop as you use your garage. The neighbourhood that you are living in people will face problem regarding welding. All you need to do is make a name for your work and let people know about your service and they will find you. This business can also earn you a handsome amount of money. 

For example, if someone broke a metal leg of his favourite chair what he will do now? Throw it away! No, he will find someone who will fix the broken leg and make it as before. Your part will start from here. 

All you need to do is provide your service at a convenient price and show your neighbours what you offering to them.

10. Maintenance Contract

This welding side business requires a contract with companies who are responsible for all the maintenance work in your locality. Companies like these depend on those welders who are located in their area of work. Whenever they get any job they will let you know and you can simply attend the work. As you will work independently you won’t have to worry all the time about your job hour and payment. 

You will get the freedom and the payment for these types of welding service is not less than any other job in the market.

11. Making custom Fireguards

In a house fireplace is a major thing. In the cold days, it helps people to keep their houses warm and comfortable to live. But it can be dcangerous as the fireplace have the live fire. For this reason people like to use fireguard so that they can keep themselves and their family safe from it. It’s a great opportunity for you to attain. In the market, people will find these tools expensive but making them can cost 30 to 40 dollar and you can give this at a lower price than the market so people will run to you if your product is well enough.

12. Custom Iron Gates

Some people like to have custom gates at their front yard. They even spend more as the front gate makes the first impression of their aristocracy. You can take the chance to make some different and unique design iron gates. Show them to the possible buyer and that’s how you will start to have a contract but first of all, you have to show the world what you can do. This welding business idea can bring great fortune.

Side Gig Jobs for Welders

Q & A

How a side welder business does make money?

A side welder makes money working independently. He takes it as a side business and makes time for it alongside his main business or job whatever he is doing in his life. He can do so many things having total independence and earn around $50+ per hour. 

How hard it is for starting a welding business?

Starting a welding business is not that hard. All you need to do is learn about all the rules and regulation to start welding business and gather all the required types of equipment for welding. Proper planning will ease your steps of a welding business.

How many employees you will need to start a welding business?

At the very beginning, you can make it as a one-man show. You can start it and work alone but if you get loads of work you may hire a few more people and work together to achieve your goal.

Is welding a stressful job?

Welding is really a stressful job but taking proper precaution your stress can be lessened and high pay rate will also dramatically reduce your stress. After all the money is the main target you will start your welding side business.

What type of job can be done as a welding side business?

As welding side business you can do so many things that require welding. You can make new things or repair the old. You can turn scrap into art and create value to thing with some simple touch of your work. Welding has great value

Final Words

These 10 Awesome Do it Yourself Welding Side Businesses will help you to start with an idea and maybe, in the long run, you will work with two or more from the list. In this changing world, we should not depend on a single job. Welding can be a good side business for you. If you think that you are a perfect fit for welding you should try to make it your side profession. Hourly payouts are also high and you get all the freedom of working and have welding contracts from large companies. Welding indeed involves risk and hard work but you will find less competition here.

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