Different kinds of welding helmets

Different Kinds Of Welding Helmets | Auto Darkening

Welding requires great risk. To minimize all the risk a welder need to take preventive precaution. There is so many equipments available in the market to prevent any unexpected events. For your hands you can use welding gloves, Welding affects eyesight as welding involves heavy light and Ultra violate rays even more while welding small metal particle can enter your eyes. To avoid any kind of bad situation a welder can use a welding helmet or protective goggles during his work. History of welding helmets is age-old. From different sources, we came to know that the modern version of a welding helmet was first invented in 1937 by a company name Wilson. As technology is developing the form of welding helmets are also upgrading day by day. With the changing world, work style is changing now and then so to cope with this new world use of new technology is a must. To choose the right welding helmet for your job you should you about types of welding helmet available and they are different than each other.

At A Glance Lets See The List Of Welding Helmets First

“We have made a list of Top welding helmets reviews for you. Let’s dig deep and here I will discuss about all these types of welding helmets which are made to protect a welder. These are the ones which help you to mig, tig, stick welding and cutting.

Auto-darkening welding helmets

From reading the title you should have a slight idea about this particular type of welding helmet. Auto-darkening means it will have some automation to dark the viewing lens. You don’t have to do all the hassle the helmet will have the mechanism that will activate the dark mode whenever your welding arc will hit the metal and make a tiny spark. Basically, these types of welding helmets are enhanced with powerful sensors and those sensors activate the auto-darkening feature. You don’t have to adjust or put on/off the helmets all the time. You will be able to work constantly without hampering your work. This auto-darkening feature makes them different than the old non-tech helmets used in the past. Though they are bit pricy, if you are a professional welder or taking a serious interest in welding you can invest for a good one and enjoy the beauty of technology and work efficiently. There are several well-known auto-darkening helmets available and you can choose one for you depending on your budget.

Passive welding helmets

Passive welding helmets are pretty old school they don’t have all the fancy design, technology but one thing they do best and that is protecting your eyes very well. They don’t have all the fancy curve or design like modern welding helmets but the look itself speak about their tough building quality. Passive welding helmets are made of solid material and that is why these types of welding helmets can have a big lifespan than other types of helmets. Passive welding helmets are not enhanced with tech. They are more like the dad’s type. You have to put on before starting welding and put it off to see the result. And this is pretty time consuming and irritating also. These are very affordable and along with this your safety from UVR, heat and other metal particles is ensured. These are considered as the top passive welding helmet. If you are a beginner and don’t have much left to spend on a helmet at the early stage of your welding career you can give this a try. Later, when you will start to make some handsome money and have a good number of projects can buy a high tech good one.

Welding helmets with Fixed Shade Lenses

Welding helmets with Fixed Shade Lens comes with a single shade. The shade may be level 10 to level 12. Here you don’t have the choice to change into different shades. Mainly those people who work on the same types of welding projects can have these otherwise spending money on these types of welding helmets can be a loss. First, you need to decide that will you work on different metal and different types of welding then these are not the ideal choice for you. Most often those who have taken welding as their DIY project and requires small welding less often can have the advantage of these other old school welding helmets. Like the passive welding helmets, they have the tough built quality and bumping with metals won’t harm these so easily. That means you are ensured with the big life span of the helmet.

Welding helmets with Variable Shade Lenses

Variable shades make a helmet convenient for a welder. These welding helmets are like the opposite of the fixed shade welding helmet. Here the welder gets different shades and according to their need, they can fix the shade. If you are involved with different types of welding you better choose these helmets. They can adapt to the light emitting from the welding arc. you don’t have to hassle putting on and off. This will automatically adapt to the situation with your proper setup.  These helmets give you flexibility while working on different types of projects. One helmet can carry out several types of jobs they are not like the fixed shades one. That means you can have much more advantage from the variable shade lenses than the fixed. When you spend, you better go for variable shades welding helmets.

Solar-powered welding helmets

welding helmets which are made with new technology have a solar panel with it. Solar panels are the main power source of these Solar-powered welding helmets. Your helmets will activate and deactivate with the power of its solar cells. If you work outside under the sun this helmet is an ideal choice for you. You don’t have to worry about battery life.  or to change batteries. The power source will generate the power it needs and let you work. Sometimes it may feel irritating that before starting a project you have to put the helmet under the sun to generate power from its solar panel. But those who work outside can use it comfortably and it also saves money from buying batteries.

Battery-powered welding helmets

Battery-powered welding helmets are similar to solar-powered helmets but the maaain difference is these helmets get the power from a lithium battery which is rechargeable or they need to be changed after it’s usable life. Those welders who work indoor projects they prefer these Battery-powered welding helmets as they don’t want to hassle with solar-powered helmets to have the energy needed to change the shades of the viewing area of the helmet. there are different types of welding helmets in the market but these battery-powered helmets have extra preeefference to the welders who don’t bother about some extra expense. The battery helps the helmets to act quickly to change the variable shades, on the other hand, solar helmets will only depend on sunlight.

Solar & Battery powered welding helmets

This category is more or less a hybrid one. Here, in a single helmet, you get a solar panel and a rechargeable lithium battery powering the helmet’s variable shades. Nowadays most of the auto-darkening helmets have these two features. Combining solar and battery let you less worried about power. The battery will store power and let you work indoor but when you are working outside it will start to generate power and store in the rechargeable battery that means no often replacing the battery. Solar & Battery powered welding helmets saves you from spending some extra money and you can work more efficiently than any other welding helmets. These helmets can be high priced but you have to invest once and the safety of your eyes is beyond everything. the energy from the battery ensures the viewing area dark when there is a spark. and turn back when your welding is done. So you can see the progress you made there.

Closing Word

Whether is it your profession or your hobby welding involves so many hazardous risks. But to work efficiently you can take proper protective steps wearing protective welding gloves, welding helmets, work boots some importantsafety wears for your body are leather jackets and welding aprons etc. Your safety comes first, so no compromise here. I have discussed seven types of different welding helmets and showed what each of these types has to offer for a welder. Nowadays people are more interested in auto-darkening welding helmets powered with the solar and rechargeable battery that means three categories in one helmet. While buying or choosing the right welding helmet for your work you have to find what type of projects you are going to work and which can be the best choice for you. You can have a look at our Top Welding helmets list.There you will have more ideas and that may help you to get your one.

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