Dekopro Welding Helmet Reviews

Dekopro Welding Helmet Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are working as a professional welder or starting new you might have thought so many things but maybe somewhere you have not given any thought to your safety at your work. All kinds of welding such as MIG, TIG, Stick or even grinding work involves the presence of heavy light and also metal particles. These things can harm your eyes, you hand even your bare skin. To protect your body part you need to take precautions.

To protect your hands you can buy heavy-duty welding gloves and to protect your precious eyes you better have an up-to-date welding helmet. Eyes help us to see and this power lets us work so to protect it from UVR or IR we better be prepared and we can’t show any negligence here.

We’ll discuss three best Dekopro helmets and we hope you will get a clear idea from here. Dekopro has several safety equipments here we will focus on top 3 helmets for you.

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Our Top 10 Pic: Best Welding Helmet (COMPARISON TABLE)
Product Name

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Solar Powered Auto Darkening

DEKOPRO Solar Powered Auto Darkening Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening

Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Solar Powered Hood
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Solar Powered Hood
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

1. DEKOPRO Welding Helmet Solar Powered Auto Darkening Hood

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This good designed 180-degree rotatable Dekopro helmet comes with an auto-darkening feature which ensures your safety. It can go normal to dark within 1/25000 sec. The auto-darkening filter is powered with battery but the good thing is it can be charged by the solar cell so that you won’t have to worry about the battery life of the helmet. The battery itself can last for 5000 hours as per the company say.

The auto-darkening welding helmet have the ability to change the shades but you can get the chance of setting the sensitivity and delay time. This feature lets you control how fast you want your welding helmet to act. The lens itself gives you a wide and clean viewing area that is clear enough to see the objects you are working on.

This can be the best welding helmet for beginners. The material used made it durable and lightweight so that you won’t feel stiffness or any kind of problem wearing it for long hours of your work. This round shape rotatable welding helmet comes with and headband. You can adjust it with your head according to your need.

This can be the best deko welding helmet for you. You can use this one for tig, mig and arc welding that means one helmet can be used for three different types of welding.


  1. Ensures eye protection.
  2. Have variable shades.
  3. Wide viewing area.
  4. Lens have shade range of 4/9-13
  5. Solar cell to recharge.
  6. The good battery life of 5000 hours.


  1. Sometimes it can take time to adjust.

2. DEKOPRO Welding Helmet ( Mig Tig Arc Welder Orange Black )

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In this price range, this Dekopro solar-powered helmet is another good choice for the welders. This one is another Amazon’s choice which has a good design as well as full functionality of auto-darkening feature. This has become the most wanted feature now a day. For this feature, welder can work uninterruptedly. You also get a good-sized viewing lens where the Shade Range 4/9-13. These variable shades protect your eyes from getting the flash of dangerous UV or IR rays.

You can use this helmet in several workplace such as construction, welding, production etc furthermore you can use it where heavy light is produced in your job. Within 1/25000 the censors activate the darkening feature but you can manually set it. This one is also solar powered but there is lithium battery for the power source.

This wide view welding helmet is light enough and this one fits well or you can manually fit this as it has a comfortable headgear to adjust it with welder’s head. This one is not that expensive. If you want to have a decent quality helmet for your work, this one can become your best companion. 


  1. Well designed with durability.
  2. Good viewing area.
  3. Clear lens.
  4. Variable shades have 1/2/1/2 rating.
  5. Inexpensive.
  6. Protects eyes and face skin.


  1. The headband might need to change.

3. DEKOPRO Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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The wide viewing area can help you to see while working without having any trouble. This one here has a truly wide and big vision lens. You get the perfect viewing angle and there is less chance to make a mistake. It has variable shades of 4/9-13 and can be used for as MIG, TIG and Stick welding. 

The solar panel is a real deal here. It charges the lithium battery and the battery can have a lifespan of 5000 hours. Censors used in it can catch the single flash and darken the helmet immediately.

This one will help you to work professionally in grinding, welding and some other field where heavy light is present in the work. It comes with automatic technology so you do not have to worry about adjusting every time while working. But if you want you can set the delay and sensitivity of this welding helmet. The variable filter in this welding helmet can be changed with the fractions of a second and the arc will hit the metal and as the first light will come out it will darken itself. So it means you will be fully protected. 

If you have a good budget to acquire a helmet for your profession you can consider this one. It may cost more than the other two but it will a total gain for you and an onetime investment for a good product.


  1. True big lens for vision.
  2. Well ventilated.
  3. Round shape and lightweight.
  4. Clear visibility.
  5. Long-lasting life.


  1. Sensitive working on sunlight.

Buying guide to choosing the best Dekopro Helmet

 Though Dekopro is the best brand for safety equipment like welding industry and they have made their name in this sector. There are different types of Welding helmets in the market but to make sure your money is not getting wasted you need to consider a few things and they are discussed here.

Auto darkening feature

The auto darkening feature is famous among the welders as they do not have to put on and off constantly to see what’s going on. An auto darkening helmet can save your time let you work and put your best effort to get the best result. 

Auto darkening feature can protect sensitive eyes as the LCD screen with variable shades gets dark within a shortest time. This way your eyes will be protected from ultra violate rays. UV/IR rays can burn skin or you can get arc eye. 

So when you are selecting a helmet for your work try to take those which have auto darkening variable shades with LCD screen. Check the helmets feedback from the customer who bought it before.

Build Quality

Build quality is also a big fact. Try to look for a helmet which is made with good design and material used in it should be durable enough. Welding job means you have to work with metal. So when you are working with metal your equipment may bump with metal sometime. If the equipment is made with low quality material it might get damaged but if it’s a durable material it will withstand little hit or you will be able to use them for a long time with a single investment. 

Manual Controlling

Manual controlling lets you control your helmets LCD screen and how you want it to provide you safety. Modern Auto darkening welding helmets let you control major functions. You need to look for that feature. If you can control three things of a helmet, that will ease your work and ensure the safety of your eyes. These 3 major things are 

  1. Sensitivity control
  2. Delay Control 
  3. Shades control

1. Sensitivity control

           Sensitivity control let you have a grip on your helmets darkening feature. Sensitivity control helps your helmet to adapt to the environment where you will work. Long story short it controls the censors to act. How much light will make the LCD dark is determined by this manual control. 

2. Delay control

           Delay control mainly focuses on how fast your welding helmet will go dark. This way you can manually set up the time that when you are welding how quick or slow you want it to become dark from the normal state. On the other hand, this manual control will also determine how much time it will take to get normal from the dark.

3. Shades control

           Shade control basically controls how many shades you want to use while you are working. Most of the welding helmets have shade range from 1 to 14 but you might find some with more shades for extra protection. This shade range should be used wisely.

Power Source

When you are buying a welding helmet with auto darkening feature that means it’s not a helmet with single shade so you need to look for what kind of power it’s going to use.

Most of the helmets use the battery as the main power source. Replaceable batteries make the lifespan of your helmet little longer as whenever the battery gets down you can change it with a new one. 

But it will be wiser if you choose a helmet which has a solar panel to power the LCD and recharge the battery. That means you don’t have to worry about battery life. It will get charged by the solar panel. 

Helmet’s Weight

Welding is not an easy profession. If you are a full-time welder you might have to work long hours to get your job done. If the weight of your welding helmet is too much, then you will have neck pain and movement of your neck will be limited. 

It should not be overweight that makes you feel uncomfortable. Weight matters. So before buying make sure the weight is checked otherwise it can cause you a loss investing money on a wrong product.

Size of the Helmet

Size of a welding helmet does matter. When you have bought a small helmet but you needed to buy a big one then you are going to regret. But helmets which have adjustable headband let you wear the welding helmet with comfort. Be careful before buying the one for yourself. If the helmet doesn’t fit you that means your work will be hampered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to charge the battery of a welding helmet?

           A: Charging a battery of a welding helmet is easy. You need to have a charger which will charge the rechargeable battery. But in most cases, helmets which come with solar cell helps to charge the battery. So if you are having a welding helmet powered with the battery and solar cell then you do not have to take out the battery and charge it.

2. How to buy a replaceable viewing lens of a welding helmet?

           A: Viewing lens can be replaced but you have to buy it according to your helmets model. So the best way to contact the manufacturer and they can help you the best possible way. Or you may look online for the lens.

3. Does a Lithium battery be replaced of a welding helmet?

           A: Lithium batteries can be changed if you buy a helmet which is powered with a replaceable battery. Otherwise, it’s not possible. Some of the helmets may have only solar power that means you don’t have to worry about the battery. Battery replacement gives you freedom though.

4. How much flexible a plastic build helmet?

           A: Plastic used can be of different quality. Some plastic is durable and flexible and some are not. Look for a flexible plastic helmet otherwise; it will be damaged so easily. Flexible material gives you comfort too.

5. How to change the lithium battery of a welding helmet?

           A: Lithium battery of a welding helmet remains in the LCD cartridge. To change the battery first you need to pull out the cartridge and open up the battery compartment and replace with a new and you are done.

6. How to adjust the welding helmet?

           A: Welding helmets can be adjusted. But to adjust you need to have the adjustable knobs inside or outside the helmet. This knobs will let you control delay, sensitivity and shades. Proper adjustment is required to ensure the best use of your helmet.

Final Thoughts 

We discussed three different Dekopro welding helmets. These three are the best out there in the market and customers have a good impression. But the most liked here is the DEKOPRO Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet which is listed on the 3rd on our list. 

You may compare these three and find the best one that fits your need. They have a unique feature that makes them the Best Dekopro Welding Helmet. In our review, we gave our honest opinion. Hope that your problem can be sorted out. No matter professional of new to this profession each of the helmets can satisfy your need.

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