Cartman 39 Piece Tool Set Reviews

Cartman 39 Piece Tool Set Reviews | Should You Buy It

The 39-Piece tool set of cartman is a perfect choice for you whether you want to use it in your professional projects, house maintenance or in your DIY projects. Cartman 39 Piece Tool Set can be handy for any of this work.

As from the title you already know that there are 39 pieces of tools and each of them is individually useful. Not like you will get the same repeated product to increase the number of tool kits. To have freedom of working own stuff these are the weapon you are looking for to solve things occurring in your daily life which can hamper your time and the peace of your mind. We have photo attached of Cartman orange 39 piece tool set box.

If you possess one of the boxes you become a perfect solution for your little problems. Here you can see the photo of a Cartman orange 39 piece tool set photo.

Cartman Tool Set

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Features of Cartman 39-Piece toolset

When you buy a cartman 39 Piece tool kit you the tool set will come in a compact box where all the tools will be sorted according to their usage. This is a 39 piece cartman tools review,

 where we will talk about this product. 

Compact box

This tool set comes in a compact plastic built box. The box color can differ as there is few color option for this tool set. You will get what you will order from the seller. The plastic made box is pretty solidly built and this will give you a compact feeling about these tools. You will get all the tool kit set in that single box.

The dimension of this tool box is 12.4 x 7 x 3.2 inches which is not too much when you are getting 49 important tools packed in a single box. Furthermore, this durable molded box is not too heavy.


The materials used in this household tool kit are plastic. But the important thing is it is heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion. As the material is heat treated and chrome tread you get more reliability using these tool kits. These hand tools sets have given good color combination and this gives a good feeling while using these portable tool sets. As the black and orange 39 piece tool set in a good combination, while working the orange color will highlight the tools and you can find them easily.

Inside the box

  • 1pc – 10’ Tape measure
  • 1pc – 8 oz claw hammer
  • 1pc – 6” Slip joint pliers
  • 1pc – Bit driver
  • 1pc – 2” Bit Connector
  • 1pc – 8” Scissors
  • 1pc – Utility Snap-off Knife

The impressive thing is you are getting a measuring tape which will help you measure and if you are carrying this box you don’t have to carry an extra measurement tape. Another important tool among all the tools is the claw hammer.

You also get a snap-off knife, screwdriver, bit connector, scissors, and some other tools alongside. All the items are basic mechanical tools.

Usage of these tools

This beautiful hand tools set box is very important for every single person no matter you are a homeowner or you have a repair shop. In every single person’s life if we repair things of our own or give service to the others. This cartman 39 piece tool kit can be the best tool kit set for a person’s life. 

-Home use

If you are a homeowner then this toolbox set can be a good friend of yours this will help you to repair every little problem in your house. For example, you want to measure your room as you want to bring new furniture so you can use your measuring tape. You want to put a new wall clock and you can use your claw hammer.

In other situations maybe your electronic device needs some small fix and you can use the screwdriver sets. This inexpensive toolbox saves you from calling the experts for every single little work and saves your money too. And this won’t take much space in your house. This can be a best homeowner tool set.

-Repair Shop

If you own a repair shop then this toolbox set can be the best tool kit in your shop as you get a screwdriver, scissors, snap-off knife. If your shop operates to fix the TV, microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker and some other electronic stuff this toolbox set will be the basic repair material for you.

-DIY project

 Nowadays DIY projects have become very popular merely among every aged people. From a teenager to an old person, he likes to make things of their own with nearby materials. Without some basic tools, you won’t be able to make anything successfully.

You will always need some basic tools. If you are an inventor and like to make new things from thrown away things this cartman toolbox is a must-have for you. This is the top DIY tool set.

  • 39 pieces of tool set in a single box.
  • Durable box to secure all the tool kits inside.
  • Made with good materials
  • Good colored product
  • All 39 items in this price point can be said that this product is inexpensive.
  • Have to buy all 39 items of these best hand tools whether you need some of them.
  • These hand tools Might not able to handle big work.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What about comfortableness holding the tools?

The materials used in these tool kits are designed with care so that it can give comfortable feeling while working. 

How much durable these tools are?

These tools are very durable. Though they have plastic made grip in some tools handle they are heat resistant.

What is the age range to use this toolbox? 

From a child to a grown-up can use this toolbox with care. If the person remains careful handling the toolbox can easily have it.

Why this toolbox?

In the market currently, you will have lots of toolboxes. But this one has a variety of tools in a single box.

Final Words

Cartman 39 piece tool set can give you freedom of working on your own without having the help of experts. And you can gather knowledge building and fixing things and this tool kit is one of the best household best hand tools set with a best plastic tool box takes little space to store all these tool set together. This toolbox is an onetime investment for you and these are the best hand tools you can get in the market. You don’t have to buy these tools very often.

They are durable too. Once you bought a box you will be able to use them for years. For the use, this tool set is popular among the buyers. Hope that this Carman 39 piece tool set reviews may help you out.

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