Can I Use Motor Oil in my Air Compressor

Can I Use Motor Oil in my Air Compressor | Ultimate Tips 2022

Can I Use Motor Oil in my Air Compressor | Ultimate Tips

Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on twitter Twitter Share on email Email || As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases || Can I Use Motor Oil in my Air Compressor Having an air compressor can make your work easier and it also enables your ability to work efficiently. Your air compressor may need some care from you. It is not as like any other motor engine. That is why while using oil in your compressor you better consider some facts about the oil you are going to use that compressor. To have a good performance you should know Can you Use Motor Oil in your Air Compressor? In case you use regular motor oil as air compressor motor oil, it might hamper the overall performance of your air compressor or even it can kill the engine. If you are a new air compressor owner then you should have some inquiry how an air compressor can be kept in the best way possible and how they can be well maintained. If you don’t pay enough attention towards your compressor you might lose the performance as a result of the wrongful treat. Regular oil and air compressor oil are different based on their usage.

Oil-less or lubricated air compressor

There are two types of air compressors. One type uses oil to run and another is oil-less. For the oil-less one, you have to use oil to run that compressor engine. The oil-less air compressor is not as durable as the one uses oil to run. Most of the oil lubricated air compressor runs quietly. For this oil lubricated air compressor are on the favorite list on air compressor user.  Most of the air compressor owner likes to buy the best oil for air compressor which uses oil to run.

Suitable oil type 

We usually find motor oil in the nearby stores but that oil is not suitable for your air compressor to know what type of oil is perfect to run your air compressor smoothly you should know about the oil type. You should have done some research online and locally. You can take help from the manufacturer as they can help you to choose the best air compressor oil type which will have less hassle for you and you don’t have to face any unnecessary situation that your compressor engine get affected by the use of a product which is not made for that particular engine. To run an air compressor you have to use that particular compressor oil for the purpose of running the air compressor without killing it. Motor oil is not suitable for the use of an air compressor. If you use oil that is not made for air compressor can harm your engine and may it not happen instantly but in the long run. Sometimes using a motor may seem ok but after a while, your engine will stop responding.

What will happen when you use Motor oil?

Motor oil has detergent as extra additives to keep the motor engine clean. But this detergent can make a foam that the oil with foam won’t lubricate well. Extra additives of motor oil also make carbon in high temperature which degrades the capacity of an air compressor. In motor oil, there are some additives which are not useful for compressor but necessary for the motor engine and can also hamper the quality of the air. The main thing is air compressor oil is designed for especially for an air compressor, on the other hand, motor oil is for an internal combustion engine. Both oil types are different while designing the oil manufacturer keeps in mind the usable field. So we should not confuse the usage of motor oil and compressor oil. oil to use in air compressor

The best oil to use in air compressor

It is very much clear that motor oil can’t be used in air compressor and it has some dangerous effect on your air compressor. To protect your compressor from losing its capability. As it is said above that to choose the perfect and suitable oil you have to do some job of your own. You can do some task and here some of them in bullet points
  • Stick to the instruction given by the manufacturer to choose the oil. Motor oil weight and compressor oil weight are different and that is also a determiner for choosing compressor oil.
  • Always try to select the non-organic oil for the compressor.
  • Oil with extra additive should be ignored.
  • 30W single viscosity non-detergent inorganic oil will be suitable for your air compressor.
  • Try to find the most commonly used brand by others and they will satisfy your needs.

Basic work of Compressor oil

Compressor oil does some particular job and they are-


Compressor oil plays an important part by lubricating as all the metal parts of the compressor can have wear and corrosion lubrication prevents these problems and lets the metal parts do their job.


Sealing is another main task of compressor oil. Oil helps to seal the air in the compressor and helps to hold until it’s necessary and used.


Compressor oil also works as an agent to cool down the compressor. Due to continuous use of air passing the compressor may raise its temperature. Compressor oil helps to prevent it.

Question and Answer

Q: what if I start to use motor oil in my compressor?

A: Common question is, “can you put motor oil in an air compressor”. If you start using motor oil in your compressor you won’t be able to feel the problem instantly.

Q: How to find out the best oil for your compressor?

A: Taking help from the manufacturer will make sure that you are choosing the correct oil.

Q: How long it will take to kill your air compressor engine?

A: You might not find the problem initially and it’s not sure to specify the time.

Q: Why it is important to take good care of your air compressor?

A: Air compressor plays an important role to operate so many important tools and helps out our task that is why we should take care of it.

Final Words

In final words, it can be said that without taking proper care your work may be hampered. You might be a professional or you use a compressor for your personal use in both sceneries it’s a great tool for you. To fulfill your need and to make sure the best use of your precious air compressor you have to know that “what is the core need of your machine to run smoothly?” If you make sure this the machine will last long enough and serve you well.
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