Best Welding Tables

Best Welding Tables – Comparisons Chart with Reviews

Welding is one of the high paid jobs but the job requires proper knowledge and work techniques, combining this two a welder can complete his task smartly. There are several items you might need to buy to ensure your safety and to do your job. These tools are used because they can prove safety from the threats from welding. Some tool gives ease while working. Welding table is one of those.

While working on different types of projects the welder may need to bend to the surface to do his job. Sometimes it may require a welder to do his job. A welder may spend hours on his knees. This is so harmful and can cause a serious health issue.

Like other safety tools, a welder should realize the benefits of a welding table. We sum up a few of the best welding tables that can help you work without harming yourself. Our main purpose is to review these specific tables so that you can find the best suit for yourself.

Best Welding Tables Comparisons Chart

1. Miller 60SX Arcstation Welding Table

Miller is a well known name among the people close to the welding industry. This Miller 60SX welding table is another great offering from the brand. You get a good working space on the table surface. This welding table is one of the heavy duty tables that allows you to sort out different types of welding jobs.

This table allows a solo set up process but an extra pair of hands will ease your work and can help you to set it up within a couple of hours. The table is made with heavy duty metal and can endure rough work. The table itself is a bit heavy than other available welding-tables in the market. You can set it up in a corner of your working place and make it the work station or you can move it place to place if you need too. This heavy duty table can stand well on its six legs. Welding using this table can simplify your task and enhance your ability to do more.


  • Made with heavy duty material.
  • Six legs can give a good grip on the surface.
  • Have enough space for work.
  • Can handle 1000lbs of load.
  • Have wheels to give mobility.
  • Has the storage facility.


  • Heavy to move place to place.
  • High priced.

2. Nomad Portable Welding Table

Strong Hand Tools Nomad Steel Welding Table is quite different than the previous ones we have reviewed. The simple-looking heavy-duty and tough table has a minimalist look that at the beginning you might get confused between you should buy this or not. Well, my friend, I think before judging the book, let’s read a few pages out of it.

First thing about this welding table from strong hand stools is that its portable feature. You can easily move it from place to place on the two caster wheels. Welding always causes back pain of knee joint pain. no worries this table covers you well with its adjustable height. If you want to clamp something to the table and work precisely this can be one of the good choices you can get from the market.

This portable table can be folded in 3 different positions and you can store it with small space that means it saves space and you can take it places where you need it to be. Not so much heavy you can handle it by yourself. This table gives you comfort and lets you work efficiently.


  • Portable and easy to move.
  • Takes less space to store.
  • Height can be adjusted from 26” to 32”.
  • Can be adjusted to 3 different angles.
  • Clamp depending on your needs.
  • Have guide rails to have precisions.


  • Not much strong to take a huge load.
  • Not that much stable.
  • Have to be careful while moving.

3. Miller Portable ArcStation 29×29 Welding-Table

We started with the welding table from the famous Miller brand. Here is another one from the same brand. This Miller Portable ArcStation 29×29 Welding-Table looks similar to the Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table. But this one is quite different than that. It has similar looking work surface but the has a very stable leg that gives it much stability and it can take much load like 500lbs.

With different slots as “X” shape on the surface area allows you to work smartly while clamping. The table is made of heavy duty materials so that it can handle a lot more work than the Nomad welding table. This is one of the main reason we put it in our list and keeping it on a good position.
Our number one choice is from the same brand but that comes with more feature but gets beaten while portable use but this one is a solution to that. You can easily make it going and use it on the go.


  • Load capacity is 500 lbs.
  • Have 29” by 29” work surface.
  • Stable to handle work.
  • Good material built.
  • Several clamping slots.


  • Bit Pricy.
  • Clamps are not included.
  • Might feel heavy.

4. Strong Hand Tools Welding Table & Kit

The Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint Welding Table is a kind of a table that can solve problems of those welders who needs frequent clamping and modular jigs. The tabletop which is work space is made of 4 mm of thickness. That makes it surely durable enough to handle loads of welding jobs. One thing that can be bothering to you that you may need to clean the table and keeping little tools or parts may be hard as the whole working area has holes of 16 mm in it which is a perfect solution to fit fixturing components without any extra nuts or anything.

This medium priced welding table can meet the needs of welder very well and this one is not much heavy that is certainly a plus that you can move it from place to place. And the height can be adjusted. This Strong hand welding table can be a good start for you if you want to avoid working standing.


  • The table dimension is 36” by 24”
  • Have easy clamping.
  • Easy to fit different types of fixtures.
  • Not much heavy.


  • Bit pricy.
  • Needs to be cleaned.

5. Rhino Cart Welding Table & Fixture Kit

One of the special table is the Rhino Cart welding table and this comes with 66 pieces of different kits. The table top material is thick enough and having a protective coat of black oxide which makes the table rust proof and welding spark resistant. Though this is not as cheap as the number four on our list but this table top is similar to that one. It has holes in it. This gives the ability to work on the table precisely.

Likewise, the name the Rhino this cart is a heavy duty one. This one can easily handle the mid level to heavy load work and the load capacity is 1500lbs. The design of this particular welding table is compact. You get storage shelves and rack to keep things organized. The full table is heavy but has four wheels which give the rhino the mobility but if you need to station it somewhere you can use the caster and levelling feet.


  • Heavy duty for tough jobs.
  • Can take the load of 1500lbs.
  • Iron cater wheels to move it.
  • Easy to clamp and get preciseness.
  • The size of the table is 55 x 33 x 14.
  • Includes extra kits.


  • The table is costly.
  • Heavyweight.

6. Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

This Klutch Steel Welding Table has a table top of 36” x 24”. The price of this table may be cheaper than the service it provides. This table can handle the weight of nearly 600lbs. Some necessary tools comes with it and the number is 24. It includes clumps, thread adapters, magnetic rest etc.

The workspace has holes all over so that clamping or fixture setup can be done easily. frame material is still of 2mm thickness. The design of this Klutch welding table is amazingly minimalistic. Setting up the table is easy. You can get 2 different color options.


  • Minimal look design.
  • Included with different kits.
  • Have holes in every 2in.
  • The dimension is 36” X24” X33”


  • Not portable.
  • Don’t have any wheels.
  • Won’t have any storage.

7. Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table

Last but not least we have the Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table. This is an industrial grade welding table. 14 Gauge plated steel work surface. the durable table can take up to the weight of 350lbs. It takes less space to store. You can easily store it in a narrow place and it can be fully folded. The design on the top you get 4 different clamping slots and adjustable tabletop angles for preciseness.

The height of the table is not so high or low. you can work standing or may take a chair if it’s a long hour you think you are going to work. You can adjust the table and move it whether you need it to be somewhere. Welding can be fun when you are using the table.


  • Industrial Heavy duty use.
  • Have clamp fitting slots.
  • Simple built.
  • Can be adjusted.
  • Can be easily stored in narrow space.


  • Don’t have a storage facility.
  • Don’t take much weight at a time.

Buying Guide

Welding table can be different in sizes and shapes. Companies manufacture welding table with different kinds of designs. There is lots of renowned manufacturer who are producing good and heavy duty welding tables. A welder may choose the table depending on his working method or welding type. Let’s discuss some key points that a welder should consider before making his buying decision of a welding table.


Welding table is meant to handle heavyweight and metal beating. Every single job may become a pressure. When the built material is not good the table will get destroyed. For that reason, while buying the best welding table you must check what type of material is being used to make that expected table that you are considering to buy.

Stainless steel is a widely used material but with good coating, the material becomes spatter resistant and the thickness and the downward body helps the table to take a heavy load. Most of the big tables take the highest load than a portable one. Large tables weight much and hard to move here and there but the portable ones are lighter in weight and take less load but have mobility.

Stability of the legs

Welding requires stable work. If the table can’t stand on the legs then it can cause big trouble. A smaller shake can damage the whole work. We buy tables to have stability. An unstable table can waste a whole work or keep you busy to undo the mistake. A simple movement of the table could become a mess for you. You better check and have some work searching the table which will be able to stand still on its leg and take the proper load.

Size of the table

For welding, purpose table comes with different features and can be different in size. It specifically depends on the user what size of the welding table he needs to buy. If the welder is a professional welder with lots of work for that reason he may choose a bigger one. If you are not professional but you feel the need for a welding table you can choose a small one. Table size is also determined by where you are going to use it. Will it is stationed in your workplace or you are going to keep it portable.

Portable welding tables are smaller in sizes and they don’t have many features and extra facilities but with proper research, you can buy the durable tables to move it here and there whenever and wherever you need to take it with you.

On the other hand, the table size should be according to your available space. If you have enough space to fit a bigger and full featured welding table you can surely do that. Big size welding table comes with extra equipment, storage, racks etc. But in a concise workspace, you might be struggling where to have your welding table. For that reason, you can choose from the smaller ones.

Height of the table

Height of the welding table is a major factor among the others. Welding tables are meant to help us to work comfortably. Bending on our knees and work for hours can be hard. This is where comes the welding table in our mind to take good care of our work without harming our health. Tables lets us work and have a clear look over our work which might not be possible when we are working crawling.

For that reason, we better choose a welding table with a preferable height that will ease our work. If you get an option to adjust the height, that is another good option for you. So, you can adjust the height of your welding table according to your need. Though most of the welding table is made with a standard height, matches people work standing on different types of projects.

Consider your workplace

Welding work can be different types and you may need a welding table in your workshop or near to the projects you are working on. If you work on field projects you might need a portable welding table. So, you can have mobility opportunity.

Location is a major factor to choose what types of tables is suitable for you. The location also determines you can have a heavy duty table or not. If it’s an industrial workplace you must choose a durable and heavy load taker table made with good stainless or durable material so that it can withstand abuses. For that, we have a suggestion for number 5 on our list Rhino Cart Welding Table & Fixture Kit. Though it is a bit pricy but serves the purpose well.

Work type

Welding has different types of work. In a general sense, people may think that welding is just joining metals. What kinds of work you do can identify what type of welding table you need. The size also depends on this factor.

If you think that your work requires portability then you may go for the Miller Portable ArcStation 29×29 Welding-Table and the Strong Hand Tools Welding Table & Kit these two in our list can serve the need of portable and considerable lightweight. If you have a working system to weld the different parts in your workshop in a large welding table and transport them to the job field and there you can join them in your portable table.

Different fixture points

Having fixture points with the table gives you extra benefits. There are different types of slots available on the table top. But those with fixture points let you lock different types and sizes of material and work on them. As fixture points you may get clamps, blocks, stop bar, insert stop, clamps etc.

They let you set your thing on the table and work on them. A small movement can hamper your work and this is why fixture points are necessary. A small mistake can ruin your days of work so we know that you would never want to make mistakes. While welding a welder wear different welding safety equipment so working precisely could be hard. Fixture points help you out.

Load lifting capacity

Welding task requires heavyweight as metals are worked with welding. Different types of welding projects are done on welding tabletop. If the load taking capacity is one of the main features you should keep in your mind. If you have decided what types of welding work you are going to work on then it can help you to decide how much load your table will require to bear.

The load taking capacity should be determined by the maximum and minimum required load for your welding projects should be considered.

Table accessories

Some of the welding tables come with different types of welding accessories such as clamps, ball lock bolt, right angle brackets, socket shoulder screw, rise block, screwdrivers, corner clamps etc. If you get a table with pre-required tools that is an extra. So accessories should be considered too. Companies try to attract customers with these tools. But first quality should be emphasized then the accessories.

Storage facility

Storage facility lets you put your small tools in a particular place. In the welding table, if they are big enough and expensive you will get storage facility. You can keep those tools which are related to your welding work and those come with the welding table. The storage facilities can different types.

You may get small drawers to put things in it or hanger to hang different types of necessary tools. This may not look important but when you are working on a good quality table and this has all these storage capacity you will find handy those frequently used tools. This makes your work area tidy and have less hassle to find the tool you need.

Price and budget

We don’t talk much about the price budget over the quality. Because a welding table is a single time investment. Try to take the best one with the minimum possible price. If in search for lower price table you get the worst then it might cause you money waste and also time. People who work on personal or some small DIY project can take the low budget table. But big professional task requires heavy load taking tables with multi-features and those can cost much than an average welding table.


Why a welder need a welding table?

Welding is a tough and long time consumable job. When working on different welding project a welder may hurt his back or his knees working on bending. When a welding table comes handy and a welder can do his welding, cutting and other stuff.

Why a welding table has the height that a man can work standing?

A welding table has the height to help the welder work standing because if you keep you back straight there will be no pain or complication on your back. But if bend to do your job every now and then, it can cause a serious problem in the long run.

What is a portable welding table?

Welding table which can be carried easily from place to place and change the location of the functioning area is called the portable table. They take less space to store and not so large. The big opportunity is these portable welding tables are heavy duty but weight less than a large table and the disadvantage the less load amount they can bear. You can fold them adjust their height and other feature is available too.

How to decide a large welding table or small welding table?

It will depend on you. If you are a professional and work station is fixed can go for the large welding table and this will have some other benefits too. but if you do welding for the hobby of small projects you can buy a smaller one with basic welding table features.

Is welding table a must for starting a welding business?

Welding table is not a must for your welding business. This one is an important item to have to keep good health. Therefore you can consider this a option for you. We have a complete guideline on how to start welding business. You can check that out.


We have taken those which are best in the market. We have reviewed mid level to high budget segment. If you want us to make a final choice considering budget and quality we would like to suggest don’t look for cheap things. You need to find the right one. Miller 60SX Arcstation Welding Table can be a good deal for you. Which have different features in this price segment after that if you are professional and ready to spend for a good tool then comes the name of the Rhino Cart Welding Table & Fixture Kit. This one comes with the necessary toolset.

If we want to speak about a considerable low cost but heavy duty table the name will be strong hand tools welding table & kit. Hope that our effort to help you won’t go in vain. We would love to hear from you if you have any concern. Feel free to write and your opinion is always important to us.

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