Best Welding Safety Glasses

Best Welding Safety Glasses [Review & Buying Guide 2022]

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Best Welding Safety Glasses

Here in this welding industry, you have to work with some dangerous tools that can harm you anytime if you fail to handle them with proper care. As we know welding involves powerful light which emits ultraviolet rays and dangerous radiation. Not only that small particles of metal can be on the air too. Which are dangerous for bare eyes. That can cause you small to severe eyesight problems. To safeguard your eyes you have to use protective equipment like welding helmets or welding safety glasses and here we will talk about some of the best welding safety glasses and their features.

“If you are confused between choosing welding helmets and welding safety glasses, we have written about The Best Welding Helmets in case you are interested go check the article” Welding pays more than many behind the desk job but there is high risk involved. Proper training and experience can open up the gate of opportunity for you. To become successful you have to become a certified welder. First, discover how you can become a certified welder after becoming certified the next important way to make your fortune is to start your welding business here you will get a step by step process of how you can start your own welding business.

Best Welding Safety Glasses [ OUR TOP 5 LIST ]

Product Name

YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Goggles
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Miller Electric Welding Goggles
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

LEATBUY Welding Glasses Mask Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Auto Darkening Welding Goggle Safety
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Hobart 770096 Welding Goggle
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Best Welding Safety Glasses Review

YESWELDER True Color Auto Darkening Welding Goggles

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This YESWELDER True colour auto darkening welding goggle is a multipurpose safety class you can use this in Mig welding, Tig welding and also with plasma cutters. As per the name goes we can understand that this will come with variable shades and auto darkening features, like any other auto darkening feature welding helmets. These welding goggles make sure that you can work without wasting your time between changing the shades. This one has true colour inbuilt so that you can see clearly and the viewing area is also promising. You get a wide panoramic view. It can be used with hard hats. A face mask will come with these lightweight safety glasses and this mask gives extra safety, you can use it with the glass or you can only wear the glass. If you feel like a welding helmet is heavy this can be your best investment. YESWELDER safety glasses Designed this glass as wearing these glasses you can reach and do your welding, where wearing a helmet might not help you out. This one is called one of the best welding safety glasses.

Auto darkening welding, It will do that by itself. You won’t have to change the setting every now and then. Your welding glass gets power from lithium-Ion battery. And one full charged battery can avail the work time of 300 hours.

This one is loved by people as it delivers what the company claims. Comfortable and lightweight are other big reason that people love these welding goggles.

• Not so heavy. Fits perfectly in the face.
• With this safety goggles, you get True color technology.
• This Can be used in MIG, TIG, and MMA welding.
• Have Auto darkening feature.
• The battery gives a long working life.
• Handling small jobs is alright.

Miller Electric Welding Goggles

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This Miller Electric Welding Goggles is another awesome welding goggles having five different adjustable shades. You can use this wide viewing glass in different welding like Plasma cutting, TIG, MIG, Stick welding. It comes with head covering alongside the face mask that means you remain protected from any other welding burn. It’s ideal to make sure your eyes are safe from UV/ IR rays.

The perfect fitting allows no light while working; you can work not only in the dark workplace rather under the sunlight. It will provide the same safety with its various shades as a normal welding helmet will do but extra, you can wear this one to work on projects where the working position is so congested.

• Miller electric safety goggles Five different shades.
• You get Full face protection.
• Replaceable face covering fits with a normal hard hat.
• This glass fits tightly on the face.
• You can’t use prescribed glass with it.
• Have chances to fog up often.

LEATBUY Welding Glasses Mask Helmet Eyes Goggles

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Here I present you the LEATBUY Welding Glasses which is normal-looking powerful glass for you. This Black Solar Auto Darkening Welding Goggle has solar cells to operate and no battery required. Its auto darkening features get activated with the single arc struck on the metal. The built materials are plastic and high quality soft rubber that gives the welders proper comfort working wearing it for a long hour.
This can be used in chain saw work and other welding jobs like TIG welding, gas welding. The safety glasses takes fractions of seconds to turn dark and when welder will stop working it will turn right back to the normal.
The durable goggles frame can be adjusted and you can also adjust the length of the legs. It has the variable shade range of 9-13. The minimal look and the light weight can attract welders so easily. You can carry this glass with you and it won’t take much place of yours. From my point o view, it’s not that much expensive. If you are working on several types of welding projects, this can be in your consideration.

• This safety glasses Have auto darkening feature.
• Not so heavy and good design.
• Have different shades level.

• This safety goggles can get damaged in water.

Auto Darkening Welding Goggle Safety Protective Welding Glasses

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Miller Electric Safety Glasses has fixed shade number 5. The glass is made of polycarbonate. This one is polarized and able to prevent Ultraviolet rays to make any severe damage in your eyes. The manufacturer maintained the standard of ANSI Z87.1.  This miller welding glass is ideal for ARC welding.

The sizes of these glasses are not much big but they are beautifully designed. Wearing these you get a sporty look and I bet this will suit every face.


  • The glass has a sporty design.
  • Not that much heavy.
  • They have good standards to prevent UV rays.


  • Not that much dark.
  • With rough use, the glass may get scratches.

Hobart 770096 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle – 50mm Eye Cup

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Hobart 770096 has only one shade here you won’t get any variable shades or auto darkening feature. This one looks like the swim glasses but it has the potential to save your eyes from any kind of flying materials while welding. Your eyes will be safe from any kind of spark produced by your welding machine. It fits so tight that there won’t be any open space for the light to enter. this welding safety glass is very cheap and if you don’t like light interruption while welding on your favorite project or any welding job you might buy this simple welding safety glass.

• It has Proper isolation to prevent any kind of light.
• Have an elastic headband to fit perfectly.
• Built quality is durable.
• It has only one shade.
• Can’t use any prescribed glass underneath.

The 24 Pack of Safety Glasses Reviews

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This pack of 24 pieces of clear safety glasses is a great deal for you. Here you get 24 individual glasses with a small amount of money. They have the protection level passed of ANSI Z87+ standards. These clear viewing work safety glasses keep your eyes protected while you are working. You will get six different colour frames in the box. These safety work glasses can resist impact and ballistics. On the other side, they are scratch proof that means with a little care you can have a long lasting life of each safety goggles.

• Good design and scratch proof.
• Standard quality maintained.
• The glass quality is very clear to see.

• Not suitable for protection from UV rays.

Buying Guide

Welding is a job where a welder has work with danger. The main damage that can be done is your eyes can be affected by curable and also with some incurable diseases. When you are concerned about the safety of your eyes and you are spending money to buy the safety equipment which will ensure that your eyes are unharmed. Here we were discussing welding safety glasses. When you are buying one you should look at some features which will ensure that you are choosing from the best welding safety glasses. I request you to read this entire section carefully and hope that this will surely help you.

Proper protection

When you will try to buy a welding glass you will find lots of companies advertising with interesting facts and promises. Ensure that you are getting the right product of a good company you should have research about the item you are going to buy. In that part, you should look for the protection part. What kind of protection promise the company is making and what is the real scenario. To do so you can use the internet. Look for forums, website, social network platform and look for the opinion of current welders who have bought it previously. This task is so easy.

Material used

When you are buying welding goggles you should look at the material used to make it. If the material is not durable enough that means it will never last long. We buy safety equipment once. Buying one single equipment now and then is not expected. Always look for the lightweight material but the quality should never be compromised.

Lens material is another big thing to consider. Always try to choose the goggles which are scratch resistant otherwise in your viewing area you will have to struggle to see through.


We know that safety goals do not cover your whole head it only covers the eyes area or in some exception, some of the eye goggles come with a face mask. Those without a face mask are pretty much like normal glasses. But the thing is proper ventilation is necessary otherwise your safety glass will fog up. But when welding glasses have open area from where the splash will hit your eyes easily and interrupt your work. For this reason, you have to choose your welding glass as it should have proper ventilation but not that much open area like a prescribed glass.

Viewing area

Viewing area let you work properly. If a welding glass has a good amount of viewing area that means you can have your eyes on the work you are doing and that will minimize the chances of making mistakes. Welding is a complex job I bet no one likes to make mistake as it is known that sometimes if you made a simple mistake but you have to spend hours to undo or fix it. Wide viewing area gives you a perfect view to see what you are doing without putting off the glass that you are wearing. So you should consider this one.

Lens shade

Lens shade indicates that how much light it can prevent to reach your eyes. Shade number determines what are the field that particular glass can be used. Not every work glasses are made for welding apart from that they are individual welding sectors. So you should know the type of welding you will do. And what the number of shades you will require to have your job done without harming your eyes. For example, if you are a welder who works in different welding types. You better choose a welding goggles having variable shades. Your one goggle will help you out in other projects.


Size matters While choosing welding safety glasses. If you are looking for buying a welding glass rather than a welding helmet that means you want something which will only cover your eyes area rather than any welding helmet which covers almost the entire face and head area. Welding helmets provide the best possible safety but wearing them for a long time can be a tiresome work if you are a full-time welder. So if this is the reason you want to buy the best welding safety glasses you should look for a compact glass with small size.


What are welding goggles and how do they protect the eyes?

Welding goggles are safety types of equipment they are made to provide the safety of eyes and they are the barrier between ultraviolet rays and your eyes. Welding glasses are not like any other prescribed glass but they have variable shades like a welding helmet, but very lightweight and not big as a welding helmet.

Do Safety glasses protect from welding flash?

Safety glasses are made to protect you. But different work requires different kinds of safety glasses. To save your eyes from welding flash you have to use welding goggles which are specially made to protect from welding flash.

Does Welding Affect Your Eyes?

Welding work involves so many dangerous elements that you have to protect yourself from. Ultraviolet rays and Infrared rays are dangerous for eyes. It can make you blind for life and from welding; these rays are extracted from varius welding. That means your eyes will be affected if you don’t use welding safety glasses or welding helmets.

What is best welding goggles or welding helmets?

This entirely depends on the welder. Welding helmets can handle tough jobs but they are usually heavy and as it covers the portion of welders head, sometimes the welder may become tired. But in the market welding glasses are upgrading day by day and you can buy them according to your needs.

Are welders glasses safe?

Welders glasses are safe but you have to choose the right one for your job depending on the welding type. But if you try to wear normal clear glass and start welding, in that case, your eyes will certainly get affected. But welding glasses have different shade range and you also get automatic turning on and off darkening mode. So your eyes won’t get the burning flash of welding.

Final Verdict

We tried our best to pick the best value for money welding safety glasses. Welding safety glasses are like any other safety equipment like welding gloves, welding leather jackets etc. But the damage in your eyes can be caused by welding light is severe and curing them is quite hard and impossible at some point. Be wise to choose your safety guard.

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