Best Welding Gloves for Tig, Stick & MIG Review 2021

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Best welding gloves

There is none who would not want to protect his precious hand from the work they do. Welding involves lots of risks from electric shock, extreme temperature, UV or IR rays burn, sharp edges o metals, sparks. These things can simply turn your life upside down. To have safety measure first thing you can do is to buy a pair of best welding gloves

Most of the time people confuse that all gloves are the same and they will provide the same protection. On the contrary, all the gloves are not similar. They are made differently to serve specific type of work. So this means you can’t weld while you are wearing gloves of a doctor. The profession does matter when you are choosing gloves.

Here we listed some good quality heavy duty Best Welding Gloves for Tig, Stick & MIG welding. Lots of important information are gathered here and that may help you in the best possible way.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 10 Picks

Product Name
Caiman American MIG Welding Gloves
Our Honest Rating
RAPICCA Leather Forge Stick & MIG Welding Gloves
Our Honest Rating
US Forge 400 Welding Gloves
Our Honest Rating
KIM YUAN Heat & Fire Resistant Welding Gloves
Our Honest Rating
Lincoln Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves
Our Honest Rating
John Tillman and Co 50L Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves
Our Honest Rating
Caiman White Goatskin Welding-Tig/Mig Large
Our Honest Rating
KIM YUAN Leather Welder’s Gloves
Our Honest Rating
Welding Gloves Cow Split Leather Cooking Gloves
Our Honest Rating
WZQH Leather Forge Welding Gloves
Our Honest Rating

Best Welding Gloves for Tig, Stick & MIG Review

These Caiman 1878 hand gloves are ideal for stick and arc welding. This ensures your safety and you get the 100 percent of your workability to be used without having any obstacle. In the market, you will find hand gloves made with good material but wearing those you will feel that it’s hard to work and they hinder your swift movements. It has split leather made of deer hide in the palm.

This deerskin made Mig stick welding gloves has a 3-dimensional design makes the gloves fit in your hand, they have used a special type of stitches. It’s not that big or not so small in size having a natural shape of hands. Pretty much everyone can wear these gloves. Using bore hide in the gloves the manufacturer ensured the proper heat protection and flame resistance.

Another important feature of the gloves is the length. The extended portion of the gloves might cover elbows of most of the welders.

In case it gets dirty and you want to clean it; do not throw them into your machine. There are some ways to wash your glovesFollowing proper procedure can let you have a long-lasting heavy duty usable time.


  1. Good quality deer skin.
  2. Used bore hide.
  3. Flexible enough.
  4. Lasts long with proper maintenance


  1. Don’t have proper insulation.

This RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves might not have the length like our 1st gloves but this 16 inch long gloves are made to resist high heat and flame also. Outside of the gloves there you will find 2 layers of Kevlar thread padding with special stitches. Wearing this you will protect yourself from near about 500℃ of temperature. But it’s suggested not have continues contact with heated metal.

 Inside between the thick cows’ split hide leather and the inner lining soft cotton, there is heat and flame resistant aluminium foil although this gloves will not make your hands sweaty. 

This leather welding gloves can be the best choice for you in this cheaper price range for MIG welding. To maximize the utility of the gloves you should not machine wash the gloves rather clean it using an extra piece of cloth.


  1. Medium sized gloves.
  2. Flexible.
  3. Used cow leather with extra padding.
  4. Have good customer feedback.


  1. Gets dirt on it so easily.
  2. Need care while using it.

This durable US Forge 400 Welding Gloves is shorter in size but the manufacturer has not made any comprise to provide best possible protection. The whole gloves are made with soft blue leather lining.

In this lower price tag, you will not have to take tension for your hand’s safety.

The locked stitch makes the gloves durable and gives the best possible use out of it.

If your work doesn’t require long gloves to protect full arm you can consider and have a look at it. The size might be short well enough to save you from UVR burns on your hand’s skin.


  1. Comfy enough.
  2. Strong stitches are used.
  3. Flexible movements.
  4. Leather lining.


  1. Shorter in size.
  2. Catches dirt too much.

One of our favorite on the list is the KIM YUAN Leather Gloves. Having the length of 16 inches these heavy-duty welding pair of gloves resist fire, heat, cut, puncture etc. One glove can be used in a similar field of work as this is a welding gloves that doesn’t mean you cannot use this for mig tig stick , oven, grill and gardening.

The material used in the pair of gloves is thick cow split leather and Kevlar thread stitches make it proof of flame and protect it. In the inner, you will find soft, breathable cotton.

One thing about this product we think you will like the most is the 90 days money back guaranty. If you don’t like it or if it fails to serve you the way it should be you can be assured about getting your money back.


  1. Durable and soft.
  2. Money back Guaranty.
  3. Stitched carefully to avoid stiffness.
  4. Do not get sweaty.
  5. Flexible to work wearing.


Lincoln Electric is one of the trusted names for welding equipment maker and they have a wide range of products. This Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick gloves is a small welding gloves they can be used in the industrial work. They are made with leather and soft cotton lining and that makes it soft and durable. It can beat heavy temperature, flames, sparks that means you get a good product in a mid-range price.

Professionals suggest these as good welding gloves so that means you get assurance from the old players. A good pair of gloves makes your work easier and you can keep it in your mind.


  1. Cotton lining with leather.
  2. Better stitch quality to.
  3.  Soft and heavy duty.


  1. length is only 14”

The John Tillman Grain Leather Gloves is not much pricy. I have some feature that you may like. The main material that it’s made is cowhide. You will feel comfortable wearing this while welding. I will save you from molten metal, and also from heavy heat that is involved in every welding work. It can work in the ice-cold environment too. Electric hazard may also be avoided if you wear a good pair of gloves and for that reason this inexpensive one in our list.
They have used elastic in the back so that if the gloves are a little bigger than your hands it will help to fit.


  1. Comfortable experience while working
  2. Material used is good quality cowhide.
  3. Have elastic in the back to have best fitting.


  1. Inner lining might come out early.

These cool Caiman welding gloves look awesome when you will first time have it. The white-colored goatskin gloves have 4inch yellowish cuff for your safety. No matter if you are a professional or a beginner if you think you have spent all the money buying other welding safety materials then you can have consideration for this one. This can be called high-quality welding gloves in such a cheap price.
This one can be used in TIG or MIG welding. Having bare hand while welding especially, TIG welding is not a good idea. Our suggestions at least spend a little and you can buy this amazing hand protection from the market using a little sum of money. It will keep you away from direct contact with a live wire and other risk materials.


  1. It’s Durable enough for professional use.
  2. It protects from heat.
  3. Saves from electric burns.


  1. Will get dirty easily.

This KIM YUAN Heat/Fire Resistant Gloves can withstand up to 662 °F of heat. This one is specially built for mig/tig welding. But you can use it in several other fields of work that means you invest in one pair of gloves that helps you solve some other task too.

With cowhide, the heavy-duty gloves are made though its thick but are very soft. Your work efficiency will increase with these. KIM YUAN gloves come with a 90 days return guarantee that means you remain secure of wasting your money but I can bet that you will like this pair.

 The design itself is unique and you can choose from a few colour option as of your choice.

Outside is covered with thick leather but inside you get good sweat absorbent cloth and these gloves have good insulation system.


  1. External thick leather.
  2. Inside sweat absorbent cloth with denim cuff.
  3. Soft and flexible.
  4. Money back guarantee.


  1. The length is not so big but sufficient.

The gloves we will talk here is leather gloves and the main material that used is thick cowhide leather chosen with care to provide the best possible protection. Advance Kevlar thread stitches are used here that means it can beat temperature and flame from easy damaging. You can buy it in two different sizes. 14 and 16 inches are available. 

They will let you have a perfect grip on your tools as it is made with stiff free design and very soft. You won’t feel an obstacle wearing these. 

OLSON DEEPAK is manufacturing gloves more 30 years that means they know what materials are good and they provide the best possible product you can find in the price range. 


  1. Premium quality materials.
  2. Professional manufacturer.
  3. Advanced stitches are added.
  4. Heavy duty hand gloves for work.


  1. 14 inch can feel less to some people.

Here we have listed another best welding glove for mig/tig welding work. You can use this some other filed too where heavy heat or cold is involved. This can be a good pair of gloves for your work, home or to gift someone close to you.

The design is quite good and the materials used in it works as a shield to protect your hands. This 16-inch low price hand gloves give you better quality than other manufacturers might not. We have listed those which we think to provide safety keep you less worried while working and this pair is one of those we like that is why we kept it in our list.

Cow split leather, heat resistant aluminium foil, and good quality cotton made a perfect combination here. The outer side has a double layer of leather for extra protection.


  1. Safety from heat and also cold.
  2. Suitable for MIG,TIG,STICK welding.
  3. Double layer of leather.


  1. May feel bulky for thick double layer.

Buying Guide

In this segment we will share some important information that may help you out to find the best one for you. If you are looking for buying a pair of gloves these facts should be checked before making the final call.

Materials used

The material used to make a pair of good welding gloves is important. You should find the answer that what type of material is used on the particular one that you are considering as your 1st choice. We know that leather is the main material which can resist heat so you should check on what type of leather and along with it what other material is used.

Heat Resistance

Welding work involves heat. A welder works with extreme temperature if he works barehanded he might get a burn within the blink of an eye. SO to protect your precious hands a pair of best work gloves is required. Do not go for a good looking pair rather looks at its specification that how much heat it can withstand. Heat resistant gloves are helpful for welding work.

if you think the gloves have a good impression on you then you can go for it. If a glove cannot save from heat then it means it’s a complete waste of money.

The flexibility of the gloves

If the gloves are not flexible that means it will restrict your fingers movement and you will not work as efficiently as you could with not wearing a glove. But a welder must wear good quality gloves. So before buying be sure about the material and stitches used in that product so that you can assume how flexible it will be. This one is an important point to consider.

A wrong choice can end up buying gloves which limits your movement and you end up doing wrong in your work. A simple mistake in welding may cause you to redoing it. 


No one wants to re-buy things every other day. In welder’s case, they try to buy types of equipment of good quality and have a considerable heavy duty life span of use. This is why you better chose a product which will ensure durable use. Welding involves electricity, heat, flame, spark, sharp metal, molten metal and other stuff. You need a pair which will withstand this harm.

Made with good quality material gloves can simply have long-lasting life if you handle them the proper way they should be. Some people buy good quality gloves when they get dirty they throw them into the machine with heavy detergent and as a result damage the original product. To have proper durability you better know how to wash your work gloves if necessary.

Gloves length 

Gloves length does matter. As molten metal can come in contact with your skin if you don’t cover a specific area of your hand. Molten metal can cause bigger damage than you can imagine. UVR or IR may cause bun too. Sometimes welders require handling sharp edges of metals so covering as much as possible is essential. So while buying have a consideration that whether you are buying too short or too long! Choose as your work requires.

Gloves look

This point is not that much important though. Look doesn’t matter for work gloves like welding. In here safety does matter. But some welders may like to choose from different colour combination so that their work may become colourful and do it with a cheerful mind. Looks don’t affect the performance. So our suggestion is to go for the performance, not the look. If you care for the look first ensure how much it will satisfy the need for safety.


What 3 Factors for Choosing the Right Welding Gloves?

A: To buy a welding glove you should consider the type, the material and flexibility of the gloves. These three factors play a major role to find a good pair of work gloves.

How do I choose welding gloves?

A: Choosing welding gloves is not a hard thing to do. You just need to make a little research that may be done on the internet or going to the local shop. Now a day on the web you can find everything. From the information to the product, you get everything online. Brand value of a product does matter. There are so many well-known manufacturers in the market. What kind of welding work you do will help you to specify that gloves you need. Good material for gloves is elk skin, deer skin, cowhide, boar hide leather. They help to prevent heavy temperature to have contact with your skin. Choose product which fits your hand properly otherwise it’ll cause stiffness. Movement of your hands determines your work efficiency. These welding gloves are thick so chose a pair which is soft and flexible enough to let you work properly.

Are welding gloves electrically insulated?

A: When you are working with gloves on you won’t have contact with a live wire that means you keep yourself away from electricity but some gloves get wet with the sweat of your hands that may cause a threat to find gloves which are sweatproof and most of them are.

Why do I need welding gloves over normal work gloves?

A: If you are involved in welding work that means a normal work glove will not work as welding gloves should. Welding gloves are made to resist heavy heat, flames and spark, on the other hand, normal gloves will start to burn with contact to the flame.

What kind of gloves should I wear for welding?

A: A good quality leather made soft gloves may assure safety and enhance your work capacity. The leather can be made of deerskin, boar hide, cowhide, goatskin, elk skin etc. 

Final Words

Considering all the good and bad side of these chosen welding gloves in our list the most favorite of ours is the Caiman 1878 hand gloves (no 1 of the list). The length and the protection it claiming to provide are impressive. We keep this as our number one choice and then come the KIM YUAN Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves which is impressive with its design with such a low price you get professional gloves which are soft enough, durable and flexible at the same time but can beat extreme temperature. 

We tried to pick the best Welding Gloves for Tig, Stick & MIG for your help. Hope that we could help you out. And if anything more you want to share, feel free to let us know.

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