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Best Grease Guns (Reviews Before You Buy) in 2022

Best Grease Guns (Reviews Before You Buy) in 2021

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Are you looking out and reviewing the best grease guns in the world to buy most excellent gun? If so, you can end your anxiety because you are reading the reviews to choose wonderful grease gun. Consequently, you can rapidly recognize which grease gun is relaxing, working, supple, heavy-duty and overall best for you by this effective and practical evaluation.

Basically cylinders, plungers, nozzles are fitted in a greasing gun. All the DIAs always pick the best one and this assessment focus on some world-famous and efficient grease guns. Moreover, it can help you to choose the best grease gun that you actually want to buy within your budget, requirements, and conditions.

We know your time is valuable and you can search outright one by reading this review no double. Subsequently, With that being said, let’s jump right into our top Seven picks if you are in a hurry !

Best Grease Guns Reviewed & Analyzed

I know you are waiting to review the best grease guns for your workshops and garages and that is way you have read it to choose best one. These best guns are relaxing, durable, utilized, cheap rated, cost-effective. So, please read these reviews for your betterment.


Product Name

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Lincoln Pistol Grip Grease Gun
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon
DEWALT Cordless Grease Gun
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Grease Gun
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Milwaukee Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun
Our Honest Rating
4.9/5 Check Price On Amazon

Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun
Our Honest Rating
4.8/5 Check Price On Amazon

Lumax LX-1152 grease gun
Our Honest Rating
4.7/5 Check Price On Amazon

Top 7 Best Grease Guns Review

Dewalt Dcgg571m1 Grease Gun

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Are you searching suitable and professional grease gun? We have reviewed one of the best on the basis of your time, action and budget. The Dewalt Dcgg571m1 cordless grease gun is comfortable, powerful, durable, workable, efficient to use. Its powerful motor makes it really professional to the users. Its heavy duty features make it very popular among the users. It can ensure to apply proper grease to the specific points whatever you need.

  • Key Features
  • Battery powered POWERFUL MOTOR
  • Delivers 10,000 max psi
  • EXTENDED RUN TIME: Up to 16 cartridges per charge
  • ENHANCED VISIBILITY: LED Lighting assists in locating hard to reach fittings in low-light situation
  • KEEP DIRT OUT: Innovative pump filter screen prevents dirt and contamination from clogging the pump mechanism.
  • Powerful motor which is heavy duty.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has a high-volume pump
  • A variable speed trigger for the users.
  • Sufficient long and flexible hose.
  • It has an air-bleeder valve.
  • Extreme pressure will harm the bearing seals.
  • Hose is very large.

Lincoln 1162 Air-Operated Pneumatic Grease Gun

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Lincoln 1162 is an automatic grease gun that is designed by changeable speed triggers for your greasing opportunity. It has outstanding grease controlling flow. Even, its advanced pump design eliminates priming issues. 40-150 pounds per squares inch of air pressure range makes it popular to the users. You can choose it because of its outstanding features.

Moreover, its utmost grease force is 6000 pounds per square inch. In additional, you need to know that this grease gun is backed by single year on material and workmanship.

  • Key Features
  • Fully automatic, variable-speed trigger with continuous operation
  • Designed with a variable speed trigger that provides excellent grease flow control
  • Backed by one year on material and workmanship
  • It has changeable speed gears.
  • It is easy to use reaches very hard to reach.
  • Excellent amount of grease flow control with heavy duty feature.
  • Extreme pressure will harm the bearing seals.

Dewalt Cordless Grease Gun

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Dewalt Dcgg570b is a great embodiment of cordless greasing gun which has a controlling motor and it delivers highest 9000 psi to power throughout clogged grease fittings. Its cartridge capacity is 14.5 oz. Its high volume pump can push highest 5.0 oz per minute. In fact, it is very much popular now. It has also variable speed triggers and it can offer excellent power of grease flow. LED light is an integral part of it. Moreover, you can carry it very easily.

  • Key Features
  • Powerful motor delivers 9,000 max psi to power through clogged grease fittings
  • High-volume pump pushes up to 5.0 oz/min high-flow applications
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Extra-long and flexible 42 inch hose
  • Bright LED light
  • This is a bare-tool item / the lithium ion battery sold separately.
  • Battery & Charger Sold Separately and they are battery powered.
  • Source of Power is battery based.
  • Type of Light is LED.
  • Number of Handles is just 01.
  • 3 year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Hose is long and difficult to manage.
  • It is not permitted to ship internationally. It can be shipped within just the USA only.

Lincoln 1134 Grease Gun Reviews

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Lincoln 1134 Grease Gun is a jump proof handle return tool. It is a pistol type grease gun. Its pressure 75000 psi and capacity volume is 16 oz. Moreover, its 14.5 oz cartridge size makes it powerful and stylish to the users.

  • Key Features
  • Rugged cast pump head for strength and durability
  • Tools jam-proof toggle mechanism prevents binding or accidental bending of plunger
  • Tools extra-heavy follower spring insures positive priming and uninterrupted pumping action
  • Accessible check valve allows easy cleaning without gun disassembly
  • Precision fit and hardened plunger prevents lubricant bypass, resists scoring for longer life
  • No folding.
  • Shipping Weight is 3.96 pounds.
  • No folding
  • Features are not enough like other types also.

Milwaukee Cordless Grease Gun​ 2646-22CT M18 18-Volt Lithium

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Milwaukee 2646-22ct Gun is made in China. It is Kit W/2 compact Bat. It is very easy to use for all no doubt. Moreover, as a user, you can handle it with no trouble. Even, it is very durable and potential. You can choose this particular one. 

  • Key Features
  • The Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun delivers maximum pressure and unmatched versatility Industry leading 10,000 PSI max operating pressure,Industry leading max flow-rate of up to 10 oz. / minute
  • New to world precision through pre-set grease counter lbs, Best in class 48 in. flexible hose
  • Air bleeder valve: priming mechanism for quick flow, Lock-on/lock-off trigger delivers added user convenience, Up to 10 grease cartridges per charge
  • Color is red comes with a heavy duty box.
  • lithium ion battery powered.
  • Measurement system is Metric.
  • Shipping weight is heigh.
  • Need huge charge

Astro 101 Mini Grease Gun

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Astro 101 Mini Grease Gun is a pneumatic tools based gun. Its lowest price makes it a hot cake for the users in the machinery world. It is extremely easy to use. It is potentially easy to carry out. You can handle it needle nozzle perfectly. It holds 3 ounces of lubricants that is enough for workshop also. You can start with your one hand. It is very dutiful and its 25 kg weight is really light to carry.

  • Key Features
  • Small grease gun with needle nozzle
  • Heavy duty, lightweight and easy to handle needle nozzle
  • Holds 3 ounces of lubricant
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Weight: 1 lb. (25 kg)
  • Easily lubricates mechanism of air tolls w/grease type fittings
  • Holds 3 oz. of lubricant
  • Included competent is needle nozzle.
  • Item package quantity is 1.
  • 1 year warranty on material and workmanship.
  • Warranty is limited.

Lumax Lx-1152 Grease Gun with 18″ Flex Hose

Lumax Lx-1152 Grease Gun reviews Check Latest Price On Amazon

Lumax Lx-1152 Grease Gun is deluxe heavy duty pistol grip grease gun that comes with a deluxe, contoured grim for suitable grim and oil-resistant and it provides relax to the users. It has maximum handling protection against corrosion. Its heavy steel barrel is very strong that is made of 18 gram/1.3 millimeters.

It is very dutiful. Its posi-lock follower rod with ergonomically designed T handle makes it popular and hot cake to all users. It can supply 4-ounce grease per 100 strokes. 4 hundred jaws hydraulic couples with ball check and non-drip cap of this tool is really different from other.

  • Key Features
  • Heavy duty cast head develops up to 7,000 PSI (480 bar)
  • Three way loading by using cartridge, suction or grease pump
  • Equipped with air bleeder valve to vent air pockets
  • Heavy 18 gauge steel barrel assures durability
  • Follower rod lock prevents accidental discharge
  • Brand Name is Lumax.
    Have 18 inch hose.
  • Doesn’t have lot of features that has other types also.
  • No Folding.
  • Steel barrel.
Check Latest Price On Amazon

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Grease Gun

There is no workshop in the world where there is no grease gun. They are an integral part of workshop and hardware activities. It has lot of importance like:

  • Grease gun can alive your hardware with the use of grease.
  • Grease guns can active parts, nozzles, plunger and so on of your machines.
  • It is very easy to use. It is also enjoying utilizing.
  • It can work very shortly.
  • You can reach grease in every part of your apparatus.

How do you use a Grease Gun?

 After loading the grease, you can use your grease gun. To use them, you can follow some instructions:

  1. You can take away the top from barrel and draw back the rod handle at the same time.
  2. Lock the rod handle carefully at the same time you need to unlock your grease cartridge.
  3. After that place in grease cartridge in your gun barrel and you need to remember inserting the grease cartridge in gun barrel properly.
  4. Need to remember pulling-tag to see on the cartridge.
  5. Push on the cartridge to the enlarge that the rim will be in very close to the rim of grease gun.
  6. Then you need to reinstall barrel of grease gun with the cap end but be remembered to make loose.
  7. Rod handle should be released.
  8. Rod handle will be depressed to flow the grease into the top of your gun at the time of forcing air out.
  9. Then, you need to pump a little grease throughout the nozzle and fresh it properly.
  10. Finally, add it with your grease gun

How do you load a Grease Gun?

Loading grease gun is very simple job. Just some easy tricks are enough to load those.

  • Just you need to complete few easy steps like
  • From the very beginning you need to slacken off the head of your grease gun.
  • Secondly, you need to draw the plunger grip all the ways back and lock it in place.
  • In third step, taking off and take out the spent grease cartridge.
  • Remove the plastic cap by taking new cartridge.
  • After that down the open side and metal tab up, at this time you need to insert the cartridge in your grease gun.
  • Then you will draw the metal tab.
  • Turn your grease gun head back and loosen it.
  • With the help of holding back end of your grease gun, release plunger and place into your grease gun carefully.
  • Make tighter the top of your gun and you need to force until grease comes out.
Loading Grease Guns

How should I store a grease gun?

No need to worry about storing grease gun since I am going to inform you through this vital article. Basically the cartridge tube is very important in grease gun. Cartridge tubes of your greasing tool ought to be stored vertical always. 

You will have to remember that your grease gun must be depressurized, if cartridge tube is left in your gun. Grease gun, cartridge tubes will have to be wiped by clean cloth to remove all types of contaminants. Your gun must be stored in horizontal styles inside fresh, cold, dry area in order to keep oil perfect.

Some Additional Information Should Be Kept In Mind to Store Grease Gun for Long period :

  1. Stored you gun securely so that you children will not use it.
  2. If you store your gun perfectly, it will be nice and durable.
  3. Clean all the fingerprints on the gun clean the gun and let it dry before storing.
  4. Use protecting gun bags from dust and rust.
  5. Never mix up various lubricants at all.
  6. Check regularly whether grease is explosive or not.

What powers the grease gun?

Lever can empower Grease Gun

One of the popular grease guns is lever operated. You can empower you gun with the help of your two hands. Pulling lever will produce force the grease from your gun to apply grease to the relevant locations which you actually want.

Chargeable Battery can empower Grease Gun

The grease gun, which is battery powered based, needs recharge battery while it loses charge. It is a cordless greasing gun and it also very easy to operate. You can empower your grease gun with charge.

Hand Pump an Empower Grease Gun

Force or air pressure is required to increase of air within the tool that can generate heaviness on the grease from the gun.

Pistol Grip can empowered Based Grease

With the help of heavy duty pistol grip you can empower your grease gun. It can be done with your hand. It can create pressure to the trigger to produce grease timely.


What Purposes is Grease Guns Used For?

Grease gun is an integral tool for all the garages and workshops with a view to liberating in nozzle, plungers and other parts of machines. To make your machine, grease is must. No grease, no perfection of your machinery.

If you use grease with your gun, all the parts of your machines will be active and durable. Even, your machine will run for long-time. Moreover, you can prevent grease waste with the help of these tools. Your machine will not be failed if you use grease gun to apply grease in your machine. It is really superb tool to apply grease in various specifics zones of hardware.

Lumax Pistol Grease Gun


What is a Grease Gun?

Grease gun is a workshop and garage device that is popularly used for applying grease through nipples into various bearings. It is one kind of tiny hand pump to apply grease by pressuring into various bearings in machines. It assists lubricating grease fittings, maintenance and repairs of machines. It is a helper for machinery, automobile repairing, or non-mechanical hardware and other these types of applications. In fact grease gun is an important tool to active parts, cylinders, plungers, nozzles and hardware in mechanical and non-mechanical application or projects.

What Purposes is Grease Guns Used For?

Grease gun is an integral tool for all the garages and workshops with a view to liberating in nozzle, plungers and other parts of machines. To make your machine, grease is must. No grease, no perfection of your machinery.

If you use grease with your gun, all the parts of your machines will be active and durable. Even, your machine will run for long time. Moreover, you can prevent grease waste with the help of grease gun. Your machine will not be failed if you use grease gun to apply grease in your machine. It is really superb tool to apply grease in various specifics zones of hardware.

Are the reviewing 7 grease guns best for you?

Yes, of course. Dewalt dcgg571m1 , Lincoln 1162, DEWALT DCGG570B, lincoln 1134 , Milwaukee 2646-22CT , Astro 101 Mini , lumax lx-1152 grease gun are really best on the basis of quality, durability, power, potentiality, working capability. Even, you can buy on the basis of your low budget also.

Are they noisy?

Unlike the traditional grease gun, they don’t make any noise. They are comparatively lowest noisy for the surrounding. It is really environment friendly. So, there is no noise pollution with these grease guns.

May I buy easily?

Yes, you can buy easily reviewing grease guns are available to buy. So, no need to worry about buying these best manual grease guns. Moreover these are known very hot cake in the world. So, you can buy it very easily.


Expert Recommendation

I think you have already got your greasing tool on the basis of the above-mentioned world-famous grease gun reviews. All the features of referred grease guns, which are described, are really popular and hot cake among the users because of its best qualities.

You can choose the gun on the basis of your budget, time, action, facilities, productivities, usefulness and requirements. Recently, the quality of the above-mentioned grease guns is really top-notch because of its unlimited sales. So, why didn’t you buy it yet? I am 100% sure that you have been informed which grease gun should be bought for your work and environment.

Final Verdict

Every grease gun is suitable to purchase because of its potentiality, using comfort and perfection. All the above-mentioned cordless and definitely excellent and recommended for you on the basis of its uniqueness. If you search various types of grease guns, I think this analysis can fulfill your hope easily since the world’s best grease guns are reviewed here for you.

I am sure if you choose one of them, your luck will be turned into possibilities no doubt. Tip-top conditions of these are really all in all to supply grease to your machines very carefully and smoothly. So, have good journey with these top grease gun. Good luck!

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