Best Budget Welding Helmets under 100

Best Budget Welding Helmets under $100 – Reviews with Buying Guide 2022

If you are involved in welding work then you must be aware of what kinds of health issue can be caused because of your work. Without proper safety gear, you might endanger your eyes and skin. Welding helmets are the main protector of eyes and facial skin in here we will talk about the best budget welding helmets under 100.

From the welding arc, ultraviolet rays are produced and these UV rays can damage your eyesight and also you can become the victim of welder’s flash burn. Welder’s flash burn is a condition which is caused when you are directly exposed to UV rays of a welding arc. You might not experience the welder’s flush immediately but after a long hour, you will see redness in your conjunctiva and severe pain in your cornea.

To protect your eyes you should always wear safety pieces of equipment so that you can save your eye and keep working efficiently. You might have noticed all the professional welders wear helmets so that the powerful UV rays cannot harm them.

Welding helmets always help the welders to work while keeping themselves safe from welder’s flash. Now and then welding helmets are changing with the help of technology. In the market, you will find several best welding helmet brands. They are producing good and cheap welding helmet so that you don’t have to invest a lot of money for essential equipment for your work. We will review a number of the best welding helmets for you.

Our Top 10 Pic: Best Budget Welding Helmets Under $100 (COMPARISON TABLE)

Product Name

Antra AH6 Auto Darkening Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Tacklife Welding Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Dekpro Auto Darkening Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Instapark ADF Series GX
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

YESWELDER Solar Powered Auto Darkening Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

TR Industrial TR88011
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Solar Powered Welding Helmet
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass
Our Honest Rating
5/5 Check Price On Amazon

Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening  – Top  Welding Helmet Under $100

Antra AH6

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Here is a small list of our selected best budget welding helmets

While talking about safety gear while welding the first helmet I would like to recommend is the Antra AH6-260-0000. This one gives you the protection you are looking for and costs you less. Here you save money and get a quality product. The material used to build this helmet makes it lightweight and ensures the stress-free use of this helmet. This helps you work covering your face and neck for a long time without causing any major problem. 

it has 13 fixed shades to ensure protection with 2 LCD shutter and you don’t have to worry about the battery life. You get solar cells to power your batteries in the helmet. 

This helmet can be the best value welding helmet as it costs less and does not compromise with the protection it provides.


  1. Auto darkening feature.
  2. Light weight
  3. Solid built.


  1. Might not have a long

TACKLIFE Welding Helmet Solar Power Auto DarkeningBest rated on the Market

TACKLIFE Welding Helmet

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TACKLIFE Welding Helmet is one of thebest choices in our list. There is some reason behind this. This weld helmet contains 4 arc sensorsand those sensors help the helmet screen to turn dark within the shortest time possible. This action ensures the safety of your eyes. The lens used in this helmet is also very clear to see through and from every angle; you will see the exact thing. It has 16 UV protective layers. 

The helmet covers the face and some portion of your head. This design is good and bad too. If you are working for a long time you won’t get sweaty and you will get sufficient air to work with comfort. Welding is a tough job to do this job you better think about yourself too. On the other hand, if you are working and behind you, someone is working with powerful light this may cause little trouble.


  1. Clear optic.
  2. Well balanced.
  3. Good censors. 


  1. Have to handle carefully.

3. DEKOPRO welding helmet solar powered auto darkening – Best For The Money 

DEKOPRO welding helmet

Check Latest Price On Amazon

This DEKOPRO Welding Helmet can be the best welding companion for you when you are looking for a helmet which can offer wide viewing area with the clear viewing experience. This Dekopro helmet can be used for DIY projects to professional use. Works where you have the threat of UV rays to hamper your sight you can use this helmet. With this one, you get a variable shade range of 9 to 13.

This has an automatic triggering feature to turn dark when the sensor catches the harmful light thou you can manually set up the delay and sensitivity feature. And when your battery will go low you will be notified with the indicator with the helmet so you will get to know the battery condition. 

The whole lightweight helmet is made with good quality plastic and it can be adjusted to your head with an adjustable headgear so you don’t have to worry about the size.


  1. Big viewing lens
  2. Have adjustable shades.


  1. Bit pricy.

Instapark ADF Series GX-500S Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Instapark ADF Series

Check Latest Price On Amazon

This particular welding helmet is not that much appealing but we have kept it in the list as this one has some feature that may fit your need. This Instapark GX-500S helmet has a dual-sensor setup to enable the auto-darkening feature. You will get a built-in solar panel to power up your battery. so that you won’t have to worry or fully dependant on the battery life.

 The viewing area is not that wide but it is standard. The switching time from normal to dark and dark to normal is impressive. The adjustable helmet can be fit with your head by a headband and this only weight 1.45 pounds that means you can work with this helmet without causing any pain in your neck. In this price range, it can be a good choice. But if you have more budgets can go for other helmets in this list.


  1. Adjustable headgear.
  2. Solar-powered


  1. Standard viewing lens size.

YESWELDER Welding Helmet Review – Solar Powered Auto Darkening

YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered

Check Latest Price On Amazon

This anti-fog up helmet is famous for its specific feature. Most of the time welders face the problem with fog up their helmet lenses as they wear the helmet and breathe within the helmet. 

YESWELDER Anti Fog Up helmet has an organized design so that the lens used in the helmet won’t get foggy. For a welder to have a good vision is important. This one is not like those typical lime color filter in it interestingly, it gives you proper optical clarity with true color so you can work more efficiently without giving pressure to your eyes. Side viewing is another good feature of this one.

As a welder you might have invested for Best Welding Aprons and other kinds of stuffbut have you considered about the protection of your eyes? This one gives you a wider and comfortable viewing experience than any other welding helmets. You can consider it as the best value welding helmet. 


  1. Tactical looking design.
  2. Clear view.
  3. Best exhaust system.
  4. Best side-viewing system


DEKOPRO Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

DEKOPRO Solar Powered

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Typical welding helmets are heavy and don’t give you enough protection to your eyes and working wearing those for the long shift may harm your neck and eyes. So you have to buy a welding helmet from the store. DEKOPRO Welding Helmet with Solar Power in it can be a good choice for you. It can switch its mode from dark to light and vice versa with the shortest time possible. This skull shape model is ultra-lightweight and fits your head perfectly in a fashionable way.

On the outside of the skull design welder mask, you get the manually adjusting feature too. This one can be one of the best choices for you.


  1. Comes with a great skull face look.
  2. Light weight.
  3. Automatic feature.


  1. Small screen.

YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet – Large Viewing Screen

YESWELDER Large Viewing

Check Latest Price On Amazon

This welding helmet helps you to see the real color as this one is made with true color technology. With this helmet, you will get good possible visibility while working. The design is also compact with less weight. You can buy this welding helmet if you don’t like extra lime green color. This one is a solar-powered auto-darkening feature. This one can be a great value for your money.


  1. Wide screen.
  2. True color visibility
  3. compact built


  1. Headgear might feel uncomfortable.

TR Industrial TR88011 Hard Hat Forestry Safety Helmet

TR Industrial TR88011

Check Latest Price On Amazon

Cutting trees with a chain saw or trimming trees takes hard work and you have to protect your body from any kind of damage. This TR Industrial hard helmet comes with some main features. It saves you from hurting your head, earmuffs save you from the listening problem and mesh visor saves you from getting anything into your precious eyes. If you have this one you won’t have to wear individual safety equipment.


  1. Several safety equipment’s in one helmet
  2. Adjustable feature.
  3. Comfortable in wearing it.

Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening

Solar Powered

Check Latest Price On Amazon

The one we are talking here gives you a broad viewing area and gives you a clear vision. This auto-darkening helmet can work in tig mig arc welding. The sensors can detect with the first strike of the light and turn dark but you get the freedom to set delay and sensitivity too. This solar-powered helmet can be used in dark location by using batteries. The variable shade ranges are 4/9-13. 

The helmet is lightweight and the backside of the helmet open so your whole head will not stick in it and air can pass that means your lens will not get foggy so easily.


  1. Lightweight.
  2. Takes less time to turn dark.
  3. Proper protection with a big lens.


  1. Working in the daylight may hamper.

Fibre Metal Pipeliner Headgear Welding Helmet

Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass

Check Latest Price On Amazon

This moisture resistant helmet is designed to work in pipeline welding work. Its lightweight and simple design make the welder can use it in a congested space where it might be hard working with an average-sized good looking helmet.

The design itself tells that it doesn’t have all the fancy technology like other helmets.

The ratchet headgear lets you set the helmet in your head giving you proper comfort but you can customize and change the head band if you find it uncomfortable. The attached 2″ x 4″ viewing lens make sure to have the best and clearer view protecting from UV/IR that means you get a 100% protection.

Though the helmet is lightweight so without having any stress you can use it for a long working hour and it will be durable enough to use in tough condition. This could be a good choice if you are a pipeline welder.


  1. Simple design.
  2. Not so heavy.
  3. Solid built quality.


  1. Small viewing area.

Buying Guide

Choosing The Welding Gloves or other pieces of equipment do notensure your safety you have to consider every single body part of yours and maintain equal safety measures. From welders point of view welding helmets are one of the main players here when you think about your safety as a welder. 

To buy welding helmet you have to consider so many things otherwise you might spend your money on the wrong good. There are cases when people do not research and buy a product and after a while, they got to realize that this product has no use in their work. Welders helmets are the main companion to the welders. Without those protecting your eyes from arc UVR/IR is not possible. In this area, we will discuss some important criteria you must consider before buying your perfect welding helmet so that you get to choose the right one for you. 


Budget for buying a welding helmet can give limitation. Here in this whole review we have accumulated some best helmets for you and they only cost fewer than a hundred but they have the quality that can fulfil a professional welder’s need. Price limit can be a major factor while choosing headgear. But if you are a professional welder you must not compromise with the quality over price. Sometimes you better pick the good one adding some extra on your budget.

Built materials

Welding helmets are the main gear to protect you from harmful UV and IR lights. A welder has to wear the helmet the whole time of welding. If it’s your profession then you might wear it hours long so here comes the question about your comfort while working. If you have chosen a metal body helmet then it may be heavy and wearing it may feel stressful. So to choose a perfect helmet you have to consider it building material too. So you can choose those which are made with light material and durable enough to last long.

Shade Variability

How many layers of shades your helmet has is another best thing to consider? Shades can be fixed or variable. But the important thing to notice that how many6 shades your helmet have and will it be enough to protect your eyes while working in your projects. You have to find out will you work on various metal or on specific metal and how many shades of filter will help you to work better. People might not consider the shade level but after buying the helmet they got to know what mistake they have done. For this reason, you got to think about it first.

Weight of the helmets

Weight of a helmet can be a big issue if you are a professional welder. As a professional welder might have to wear his helmet for long hours and if it is too heavy and wearing it may cause your neck stiff and thus after work or in between you may feel pain in the neck. You have to be cautious about the weight. Lighter helmets are chosen by the professionals. 

Auto-darkening feature

Technology now a day has gone to a different level. People have changed their way of working. They work hard but not like the old times like working hard but not smartly. Technology has changed over time and welding helmets are coming with different features to ease your work. In the old-time people worked with heavy metal fixed shade helmets and had to put off and on simultaneously to see if the work is done correctly. But now helmets can turn dark within the arc hit the metal and can turn normal. This one has made peoples work easy as the welder can work the whole time wearing the helmet.

Viewing Area

Wearing the helmet you will get a specific area to look at your work. You get a lens and with it, you get all the variable or fixed shades. This lens allows you to see while working. If the lens is big enough then you will have a good area of looking. On the contrary, if it’s short then you might find it harder to work with wearing it. Viewing area can impact on your work.

Lens Clarity

The lens is the main thing as you can see through the lens. The proper and clear lens allows you to see how and where you are welding and does it going according to your plan. But if the lens betrays you and you have done something wrong you may find yourself doing the welding all over again. To get a good helmet you may rely on the best welding helmet brand as they do not compromise on their quality of the materials.


Talking about durability we talk about the life span of a product as how random and how much productive it will be. If we can choose the best material with a good brand that may become our best value welding helmet which will last long without having any complaint. Welding work involves metal work and you might bump your helmet sometimes so if it’s made of bad plastic it might become a problem for you. 

Considering all the material used and a little research may help you to select durable helmets  for welding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Budget Welding Helmet?

A: the helmet which is low priced but have good feature like an expensive helmet are the best budget welding helmet. As example we can say, to buys these you do not have to rob a bank.

What to Look For In A Budget Welding Helmet?

A: Before best budget welding helmet you better look for lens quality, price, built material etc. Without proper research, you might waste your money in the wrong product.

What is the best auto-darkening welding helmet?

A: Those helmets which can get dark as their sensors get find the first strike of the welding lights is the best auto darkening welding helmet. They can get dark within the fraction of nanosecond so that your eyes remain protected.

What is the best speed glass welding helmet?

A: Speed glass helmets with true color technology and auto turning on welding lens are the best speed glass helmets. They take minimum time to turn on and have memory mode too. Customizing the filter setting with these helmets is another great feature.

What is a good cheap welding helmet?

A: Helmets which are providing many features in less price are the one called a good cheap welding helmet. They might cost you less but the quality is not compromised.

Do Welding Helmets Need Batteries?

A: Welding helmets which have new technology and uses variable shades to protect eyes may require batteries for powering the LCD. They can also use solar power but most of them use batteries.

What Does a Welding Helmet Protect You From?

A: Welding work involves UV rays that can burn your bare skin and harm your eyes. Most of the people who do not use proper helmet can face welder’s flash. To protect yourself you better use a proper helmet.

How Does a Welding Helmet Work?

A: welding helmets working process is not that complicated. They keep the welding lights reaching directly to our eyes. The passive welding helmets are the old models but now we can get helmets availing new technologies.

what is a good welding helmet?

A: Helmets ensuring proper protection to your eyes and enhancing your ability to work efficiently are the ones can be called good welding helmet. They will have clear view, best exhausting system, true color feature etc.

What Is an Auto Darkening Welding Helmet?

A: Auto-darkening helmets makes your work easy. You do not need to lift up and put it down every time striking the arc on the metal. The helmet will automatically turn dark and when stop welding it will go back to normal.

How to test auto darkening welding helmet

Testing an auto-darkening helmet is very easy. You can test it with a simple gas lighter. Pull out the cartridge from the helmet and lit the lighter in front of it. You see the result as you lit it on and off.

Final Words

In this whole article, our true intention was to make you understand what quality of a helmet you should look for. And we have reviewed best budget welding helmets under 100 and I think you can choose from the list as we have spoken about some specific helmets with the best possible feature you can get in this price range. The can be used as profession Mig Tig Arc welding work. 

If you are new to welding you can choose them too. They might be your one-time investment and safety companion for long. 

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