5 Ways to Clean Work Gloves

5 Ways to Clean Work Gloves | Complete Guide 2022

Maintaining your work gloves lets you use them for a long time. Some profession requires onetime gloves such as on medical field but profession like welding, maintenance, automotive, baking, construction etc lets you wear the gloves for your safety and after use, you can reuse them every time you are on the field again. They can be made of different kinds of materials as your profession requires. Majorly they are made of leather, soft cloths, nylon, wool etc.  They work as your protective shield. These protective shields need to wash in case they get dirty. Several ways can be followed to wash your gloves. In here we’ll discuss 5 Ways to Clean Work Gloves. These processes will make cleaning easier for you. Let’s get into this. 

How to Clean and Maintain your work gloves 5 Tips

1. Brushing off the dirt

This is the 1st step to start cleaning all kind of gloves. If there is any kind of dirt that is sticking with your gloves and if you can take it off by brushing then you can scrub up with a good quality brush but if this is leather or suede gloves doing this process you have to be gentle. If the object is dry and not coming out you can use some water to wet it and after a while if you brush it the filth and it should go right away.

2. Use a damp towel

Use-Dump-towel-to-clean-gloves To clean up a damp towel can help you to clean up simple stains, or soil whatever dirt is on your gloves. Take a towel or a microfiber towel put it under the running water which clean then remove all the extra water from the towel have a little amount of soap if necessary rub it where necessary and the stain will start to way. Don’t give much pressure. Once or twice repeating this will help you out.

2. Rinse in the water

When you get less mess and only rinsing will clean your gloves just go to your sink wear your gloves properly, put your hands under the running water make the gloves wet and rub one hand with another and concentrate on the area where is the stain or dirt is. Most of the time rinsing can be the first and final process for latex gloves.

3. Use mild soap

If you are having a pair of gloves which is dirty enough and simple rinsing is not working take a mild soap rub it on your gloves. To do this you have to complete the other three processes described before this one. Rub the soap on the gloves when you are done massage both hands like as you are washing the skin of your hand. Few minutes may be ok then wash away the soap. On the other hand, take a bucket fill it with water mix some mild liquid dishwashing soap with the water put the gloves in it for 15 to 20 minutes then give a simple rub and wash it in clean water. This process should be done when you have tried other method but the gloves are not being cleaned. 

4. Machine washes

Machine wash is the easiest among all the washing process. If your gloves are made of wool, cotton, nylon then you better pick this option. Here machine plays the entire role and you just sit back and let it do its job. But if you have leather work gloves this method does not apply here. First, you should use some mild detergent and you should be careful don’t use hot water and bleach, if you do so your gloves might lose its original shape and color. It’s a common scenario that people using hot water and messed up with their gloves. Use cold water and set the time for 15 to 20 minutes. You can plus or minus the time depending on how much dirty your gloves are.

5. Drying the gloves

After washing you need to dry the wearable gloves. If its leather welding gloves or other work gloves made with leather or sued you can take a clean and dry cloth/paper towel and press it on the gloves this way all the extra water will be gone. Do not squeeze it because squeezing may lead to losing the original shape of the gloves. And put it on open-air not under direct sunlight that may lead to damaging the shape and color.  While drying put on your gloves several time with intervals that helps to remain in the correct shape. But if it’s cotton made gloves you can squeeze a little bit and direct sunlight will not damage it.

Final Words

Work gloves are meant to give us safety from all kinds of threat to our hands from our work. If you want to avail longevity and make sure the best use of your investment on gloves these 5 Ways to Clean Work Gloves will keep your gloves well maintained. The cleaning process should be done with care otherwise you may lose the original fit and the color as well.
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